Campaigning for Sick & Disabled People

Review the cuts falling disproportionately on disabled people and carers
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Sick and disabled people, and their carers, are suffering every day – caught up in the disaster that is the failed Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Groups from across the whole spectrum of disability campaigning have come together to call for a CEASEFIRE – until this is sorted out.

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Carer Watch is a campaign group for carers across the UK run by independent, unpaid carers. We have experience of the care system as it operates in the UK today and we consider it to be desperately under funded and not fit for purpose.


We aim to provide a non-party-political campaign platform to change the way that opinion-formers, politicians and journalists think about carers.

The already inadequate care system is dying on its feet. We have to halt that process, not next year, not the year after that, we have to halt it now.