Conditionality for mental illness and learning disability

Carerwatch welcome this report by the Select Committee on Human Rights which draws attention to the inappropriate use of threats, sanctions and conditionality in the new Welfare Reform Bill if used against people with learning disability or severe mental illness.  Carerwatch welcome the fight against this in the Lords this week If you know any Lords please ask them to help.    1.25 The CAB consider that sanctions in relation to JSA are currently administered in a way which does not take into account individual claimants with mental health problems or learning disabilities. They consider that further conditionality in respect of JSA and ESA may exacerbate these problems:   Government indicates that sanctions are a last resort, but CAB advisers report seeing clients who have been sanctioned several times. They are often vulnerable clients with learning disabilities who have failed to understand what is required of them or who haven’t attended courses or applied for jobs because the options have been inappropriate to their disabilities or levels of literacy. Without proper probing of claimants’ failure to attend and without sufficient Disability Employment Advisers, there is a serious risk that vulnerable claimants will be unfairly and inappropriately sanctioned.40   pg 11 /  12  here