A death within the Pat’s Petition family

Despite achieving an amazing 62,690 signatures, the core Pat’s Petition family is incredibly tiny – it surprises many that there are just seven of us, all with experience of disability and/or caring. So we have been hit hard by very sad news today which has reduced our numbers to six.

One of our members, whom was a very private person died at the weekend. You will have read her posts, but not known her real name. We will keep her privacy intact. This will be no showy remembrance. We respect her wishes, and the potential wishes of her family and friends. And we will not broadcast the details of her own challenges or appeals.

But we want to shout out our pain that this was the death of one of ours.

We are proud to have had her as a friend. She was always a true and loyal supporter. Even when she was very poorly, she designed the wonderful number pictures which have illustrated our journey as the signatures on the petition increased. It is a small comfort to us that we know she enjoyed our group and the support we have all given to each other.

Her spirit and determination must live on
We know we will always be seven

In memory of our friend



  1. So sad to hear this news. Please pass my condolences and best wishes to her family and loved ones.

    That she had to do what she did to support the fight for our survival whilst she was very ill is just awful. But our thanks and respect for what she did are enormous. A brave woman with integrity.

    May she rest in peace now.

    with love,


  2. Very very sad to hear that their legacy is what you have achieved my thoughts are with you

  3. My prayers for strength and comfort for her family, friends and all who are affected by this sad news. My gratitude also for all the work and fighting spirit she showed throughout. God bless

  4. Gone but never forgotten.

    Friends are the family we chose for ourselves and our Internet friends, whom we will never meet, now share a bond that can never be broken.

    Deepest sympathy to your friend’s family and my thoughts are with you, her fellow campaigners. I’m sure she was the better for having been a part of your very special group.

    Thinking of you all tonight.

    Love, Mo xx


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