What are we fighting for?

We need change now

We have all tried as individuals to get things changed and we have piles of kind, considerate replies to prove it. The letters invariably acknowledge how much we do but explain that because of lack of funding nothing can be done to change things.

We have found that for people tied to the home as Carers the world wide web is a great opportunity and we intend to use it. We found one another on the web and discovered that complaints from carers are being dismissed one by one, year in and year out in different areas all over the country so we decided to join together on the web to make ourselves heard.

We have researched the long sad history of the failure to modernise the care system and found that all governments have previous history on this. Many official reports have been published over the past twenty years but the government has consistently refused to consider the findings or implement the recommendations.

Freedom to Campaign

Carer Watch is an independent campaigning organisation run by carers for carers. Whilst we appreciate that the carers’ charities do valuable work on behalf of carers, their perspective is inevitably different to that of carers and their charitable status denies them the freedom to campaign for the very real changes in social care and welfare benefit provision that are needed to ensure that caring for the elderly, sick and disabled in their own homes remains a cost-effective, feasible and sustainable option. We hope to work with the charities and other carer groups on an ongoing constructive basis.

Working with Pat's Petition

Carer Watch works closely with Pat’s Petition – who campaign against the cuts which are falling disproportionately on disabled people and carers.
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