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YOUR continuing support in calling for a Cumulative Impact Assessment regarding changes to benefits and services

Thank you to all our supporters. It feels like such a long time ago now that the petition finished, but it is only three weeks. In that time you haven’t heard much from us, but believe me, we’ve been busy.

We may not have reached the magic 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a potential debate – but that’s just a number.

 When did a little thing like that stop us?

We have written to Liam Byrne and Ed Miliband (see copy here), asking that they request a debate in parliament regarding a Cumulative Impact Assessment. This is within their powers and we hope they act promptly.

Please can you e-mail Liam and tell him how much this means to you and how strongly you feel about this.  ( )

It would also help if you could write to your own MP. (To find your MP insert your postcode here)

Tell them that you want a debate, put the pressure on them to secure a date. And at the same time, raise their awareness of what these changes mean for us. When it gets to a debate, we’ll need to make sure all MPs know the true impact for their constituents. Let’s face it, their surgeries are going to be filled with people once the full effect of these changes hit.

We know that. Let’s make sure they do.

It may be that you fear losing Housing benefit or Disability Living Allowance.

It could be that you worry about losing services from social care, or that you have lost a valued member of staff in the NHS changes.

You might be in the middle of an appeal for Employment Support Allowance or have just received a dreaded brown envelope.

Whatever it is, tell them in your own words. It doesn’t have to be long, but the passion and truth of your real story could make a difference for all of us.

 Please do it today

We have such a wide range of people supporting us now that we really hope with your help that Liam will give us this debate.

So please, let us know which MP you contact, several ways to do this listed below. Send us all the feedback you get from your MP so that they can be involved when the debate happens.

Add to pp facebook page here.

Email info to

Tweet to @patspetition , also use hashtag #patspetition

Add in comments below

 Together we can do this




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  1. It’s like going back 100 years. This gov are the most uncaring there has been in my lifetime,

  2. So here’s your chance. Join in telling your MP what’s so wrong. Mak him aware of what you are going through. Let’s take Labour up to meet the Coalition head on. We can do it with your hep.
    Pat x

  3. im at present appealing against a decision the atos assessment officer deemed me fit enough to seek employment..having been off work for the last 15 came as a shock..not because i donot want to go to work..but with my medical issues physically nn have a very blank cv to produce..admittedly the system does need tidying up..but to penalize nn paint everybody with the paintbrush is so now im waiting for the dla to come along..nn even more stress that too will also come along on the verdge of throwing the towel in..if it were not for my family nn close friends id see no real reason to carry on..just cos the goverment has changed its ways..doesnt mean the genuine sick nn disabled are going to suddenley get up one morning..nn shout yahhhhhhhhhh im cured..just dont happen like that..:O/x

  4. I was registered disabled recently, having worked all my life never earned big money, but was comfortable, did not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in a situation where I couldn’t heat my house every day!!! I cannot walk without aids so spend long periods sitting therefore I feel the cold!! I understand this government inherited the financial problems but why oh why do they have to take from the most vulnerable??? It’s disgraceful, I’ve always been a staunch conservative supporter but I am seriously considering changing my vote!!

  5. My MP already knows of my plight, I’ve been reporting to him and sending articles. His name is Mark Williams and he’s putting together a file relating to the WCA and the new PIP payments to come about. He’s very concerned. We are in Wales and there are already a lot of people being made homeless by the new reforms. I, myself am losing my home (only a caravan as I’ve already downsized from a house) at the end of the month because I’m not sure of what income I will have coming in and the rent on the site is due then. I can’t get other benefits other than my IB & DLA, no rent or council tax benefits as it’s a caravan but I didn’t mind that so long as I could afford to pay my way. The less I have to claim the better, but now I’m looking at charity from friends if my application for ESA support group doesn’t come good.


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