In response to the report of the Select Committee of the Department of Works and Pensions on Carers – Carerwatch send the following letter to the Committee Chair – Terry Rooney

Dear Mr Rooney,

CarerWatch,National Carers Forum,Carersvoices,CarersUnited and Justice for
carers are pleased to see the work of your committee on the deplorable
situation of carers’ and that you have distanced yourselves from the quite
inadequate government review. We feel that there is an immediate need to
provide financial support for carers and thank you for saying so.

We also want to see a recognition of the fact that carers are workers who
often labour for long hours in difficult and distressing conditions. Given
your background, you will certainly understand that labourers are worthy
of their hire and we therefore, ask you to support a living wage for

We also ask for your support in urging the government to abandon plans to
transfer carers on carers allowance and income support to JSA , a benefit
that suggests carers are not working, are not contributing to society and
are available for work.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Michael Chewter

Carer Watch
A campaign group for carers across the UK run by independent, unpaid carers.