On 20th October 2010 the Coalition will announce the most severe Cuts in recent times.  For people already coping on very little money the situation is extremely serious. All disability and carer benefits are under threat. Please help fight to protect disability and carer benefits from these Cuts

Please e-mail any one who you feel could speak up for us in this debate. Ministers – MPs from the Coalition or the Opposition – disability or carer charities – any one who you think will speak up for us. And please forward this link and ask other people to do the same.

Contact details here

Here is a draft e-mail that you may want to use in full or in part

Welfare reform is being discussed and implemented.  Unfortunately 24/7 caring and severe disability have not been abolished by the welfare reforms. Carer’s finances have once again been ignored in the discussions and disabled people are feeling unfairly attacked and demonised. They are terrified of the ‘conditionality’ and withdrawal of benefits that they think is being threatened under ESA.  

Long term we hope you will stand up for them and try to –

1. Address the issues surrounding carer poverty and help keep carer’s benefits separate from the main benefit system. Carers are not ‘unemployed’ and do not belong on an ‘out of work’ benefit.

2. Change ESA to give disabled people a safe place where they can have back to work help, without the anxiety of threats and ‘conditionality’

But more urgently the Cuts are being announced on 20th October and we desperately need you to defend disability benefits and carer benefits from the Cuts in the debate. Many of our members already live in poverty, and work as ‘the only route out of poverty’ is not a realistic option for many of them.

Your party has said that these cuts should be fair. Can we rely on your support on 20th October?

You may like to refer them to evidence at the following links

Carer Watch have members who are carers/ former carers. Carer Watch also have members with disabilities/serious illness. You can see Carer Watch’s evidence to government consultations at –

1.  In June 2010 Carer Watch launched a campaign to defend disability and carer benefits in response to the Coalition Emergency Budget. There was widespread support from many organisations and individuals  here

2.  The Coalition is carrying out a consultation on the welfare reforms called the 21st Century Consultation and Carer Watch has submitted evidence   here

3.  The Coalition is carrying out a consultation called Refreshing Carers Strategy and Carer Watch has submitted evidence  here

4.  The Coalition is carrying out a review of ESA under Professor Harrington and Carer Watch submitted evidence  here

5.  Housing Benefit is under attack and Carer Watch are supporting the evidence given to the DWP Select Committee by LHARG  here

6.  You may like to refer them to the Testimony of our members at  http://carerwatch.com/testimonies/ 

Join the CW discussion group at  here
 and help with this campaign  here

And please come back here and tell us how you get on.