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73 Responses to “Please sign here to support this statement”

  1. Adrian Hindle says:

    I fully support this statement regarding DLA Absolutely outrageous that the Government is deliberately targetting its recipients.No meaningless Government speak about still “protecting the vulnerable” after the introduction of a contrived “objective” medical assessment changes that.

  2. Sioux Jordan says:

    As a woman who is unable to work due to multi-health issues that include a spinal disability, ME and mental health issues and much moire i am terrified about all the the latest government is proposing. I worked from 18 until i was medically retired at 47 and am now unable to work. I am already having problems with DLA and have not received a payment since May. I carry a laminated A5 sheet listing on one side my health problems and on the other side my medications and contact numbers so that i get the correct help treatment when i collapse.

    No one gets a carers allowance for looking after me: my younger son takes care of my needs before and after his day at uni, weekends and holidays – i also have another son on DLa who has mental health problems frollowing a breakdown.

    If i lose DLA, especially the high mobility payments i will not be able to go out, go to the doctors, get my shopping etc I can manage on the money i have let alone losing any of it.

    Why do each Government that gets voted in attack the most vulnerable first – no one asks to be disabled or long term sick. I understand there are people who “swing the lead” and do not deserve DLA or IB but the Government cannot treat us all the same – when we have Consultant(s) files full of our tests etc with a diagnosis of our health issues, MRI or other scans, x-rays, multitude of tests reports, years of Doctors notes etc etc why should we still have to prove that what we put on the renewal claim forms is true.

    I fully support this and any other campaign that aims to help disabled, sick and other vulnerable people to keep their Dla benefits or any other benefit/payment that they need to live and not just to exist.

  3. barbara carroll says:

    i have ic i have cronic pain in my feet so i find it hard to walk for

    i have sevral other things wrong . i count on my D.L.A .. IF I DID NOT HAVE THIS BENIFIT I WOULD NOT BE ABEL TO COPE I NEED MY CAR TO GET ME AROUND WHITCH IS NOT A NEW ONE I DISPAIR AT THE THOUGHT OF THIS GOVORMENT IN POWER they said before they got in power they would look after the people who needed looking after but it apears like always they lie .it is so worying to think i mite like manay others be without my dla or other benifits i had a great job great pay but could not keep my job due to my illness .so now im going to be on edge thinking im going to be punished again by the goverment who say they care rubish . i had to apeal once when i got told i was fit for work i had to go to a medical it was the worst thing that i had been to in my life digrading . and as some one else said they set us up to fail the medicals so they can loook good with there numbers and say we have got so manay people bac to work and our figers are down for un employment .. i hope that we dont just sit and take this we need to stand togather .how can they decided to take you of D L A if your simptoms are worse than when you went onD L A as mine and im sure sevral others may well be .i wish they could have the siptoms we have and the life we have then juge if we are fit or not .of corse most of us would rather have good health and a job than no life and poor health no one wants to live on D L A but if it helps us live then yes we are entiteld to it ..i heard on the news that the goverment is seting a team up to spy on people who are claming sick benifits and D L A .AND THE MORE PEOPLE THEY CATCH WHO ARE FROGILANT THE MORE MONEY THEY WILL BE PAID well thats all well and good but how much money do they think they will save while they are paying people like that to spy on people genuin people are being made to pay for the few that are taking benifits while not genuinley ill ,but im sure it must be against human rights to have your life invaded by these so called people ..well its a sore subject with me all this medicals as i have had bad exspereance in the past i was put in front of a panel of people and i did get put back on my benifits its a long time ago but i hope i dont have to do anaything like this again we need to make a stand now before all this gets out of hand and confront these so called politicans we put in power ..they dont have to worry if they will have enaugh money to pay bills or get some one to change your wet sheets or bath you in midel of night when you are so ill u cant stand up .. hope to sign anaything to stop this
    kind regards


  4. Hilary Smith says:

    Disabled People are an easy soft target for the Government, that is why they are doing this.

    They want to get people off benefits and back to work!!
    I have one thing to ask them WHAT WORK??? my husband was made redundant in February this year after 16 years with the same company and has only just this month (August) found full time employment for the minimum wage of £5.80 ph.
    So I would like the government to explain to me where they are going to find all the jobs for the GOVERNMENT VICTIMS who get their Disability Benefits taken away?

    IF MY HUSBAND WHO IS FIT AND HEALTHY CANNOT FIND WORK… (and he has tried & tried & tried)

    I am disabled and if my benefits are taken away I do not know how we would cope, yes I do We Wouldn’t!


    Just for the record before I became ill, I was employed as an Accounts Administrator by the same company for 28 YEARS.. and believe me when I say



  5. Rosalind says:

    I am a disabled parent and recieve DLA, I am also a sole carer of my disabled autistic son, who equally suffers severely with OCD and sensory issues. If we were to lose DLA it would greatly affect our lives. To subject us to medicals by people who have no understanding about how difficult it is for us to cope with our every day trusts would and is completely wrong and unfair.

  6. Emma says:

    The first point to make is that DLA is not a benefit, but a basic allowance for the fact that it is more expensive to live as a disabled person in society.

    It seems the proposal to introduce a new medical assessment for DLA has been made in order to reduce the number of people eligible for this support. Is it fair that because the coalition have an inheritance of poor budgeting by the previous government we have to suffer?

    I work part-time and would not be able to if I did not receive DLA which is an allowance not a benefit. If I did not receive DLA I would not be able to continue working and therefore would be a further drain on the economy.

    I have very serious misgivings about the medical assessments used and doubts about the knowledge, experience and understanding of those involved in carrying out the assessments. The Work Capability assessment has proved to be a farce, with many, many genuinely ill people being told they are “eligible for work” when they clearly are not. I have no confidence in their ability to recognise the impact an impairment or health condition has on a disabled person’s life. A lot of illnesses are also hard to assess in a ridiculously short appointment, many have fluctuating symptoms and many are not visible or easily identified

  7. Keely says:

    When I was very unwell, DLA was my lifeline as I was able to pay for psychotherapy which prevented me from killing myself. Now I feel a bit stronger, it keeps me in work. Please remember that DLA is not a work replacement benefit, it is for the extra costs of being disabled.

  8. l taylor says:

    Harassing the mentally ill.
    harassing the sick.

    the lessons of leanne chambers should be taught to the goverment, a poor young girl, mentally unwell, who took her own likfe as her employer wanted to have her in for a meeting ot see if she was capable of work.

    will be my name next.

  9. Terry says:

    As a recipient of DLA with a very limited income I have nevertheless being subscribing to a charity(which I wont name).I contacted their HQ Monday 3 weeks ago to ask them what their attitude was to the governments proposals regarding DLA.As yet I havent received a response but yesterday a chap contacted me by phone inquiring if I would consider increasing my donations because of their increased financial burden.In the past I have increased but on this occasion I decided not to let my heart rule my head and told him that until I know what the charitys attitude was that that would remain my position.Indeed,if the charity were to in any way coalesce with the government on their proposals then I feel I will have no option but to withdraw my subscription and give instead to one that supports your campaign.

  10. paula says:

    At least hitler was honest with his intentions unlike this government, I already feel like a leaper by being on benefits for being ill after working for 20 years why not use some of the millions you use for security of MPs for the cuts not disabled peoples benefits

  11. Gillian says:

    Do politicians or anyone in authority actually live in the real world. They should try being a carer. Most of them couldn’t last five minutes on the pittance we receive and the work we receive. Those of us who are carers demand a decent rate of pay for a job and also when we have to quit our jobs no harassment over tax credits overpayments from HRMC tax credits adding further stress to the situation and leaving carers to live in abject poverty unable to pay for basics such as fuel bills.

  12. Gillian says:

    Do any MPS or any bureaurcrats have any idea what it is to live in abject poverty worrying about the next fuel bill or where the next meal is coming from. Carers are invisible and receive a pittance for the work that they do. We should receive at least the equivalent of at least thee minimum wage to live on. Let those in authority come down from their ivory towers and sample the real world. They couldn’t last five minutes. Also if a carer is forced to give up their job they should not be harassed by HRMC tax credits department for overpayments which will lead to financial hardship for money they have not got and are never going to get. It should be written off forthwith.

  13. Lindsay Oliver says:

    I would also like to add my voice to the many.We must get the message out that DLA is not an out of work benefit. DLA is an allowance paid to anyone with mobility and care needs to help them meet those needs. I have MS and for 3 years worked ful-time and DLA provided me with the extra support I needed to continue working. Then as my health deteriorated and I became more diabled I had to move to part-time working and DLA became even more crucial as my financial commitments stayed at the same level while my income dropped and my disability related expenses increased.

  14. Leigh says:

    Just to add my support to the campaign. I would have expected more from a party where the leader had a disabled son. But then again, having grown up under Margaret Thatcher, what can you really expect from the Con-swervatives?

  15. Leigh says:

    …So much for the ‘compassionate Conservatives’. Shame on them, living it up in their millionaires club. Haven’t they heard that privilege goes with responsibility to the needy. If they have, why can’t they show it and tax the rich, like the investment bankers, instead of making the sick and disabled feel even more miserable?

  16. Jane says:

    I find it very disturbing that people on DLA are being so ruthlessly targeted and discriminated against, have we not moved on from the dark ages? In order to promote health and well being then more assistance should be given not less, if you did a poll on those receiving benefits the majority would give anything to have a normal life and be able to work; they do not want to be where they are. Of course, some are swinging the system and unfortunately this has affected all the genuine claimants and these must be looked in to first, but not at the expense of others who are struggling with disabilities, mental health, medication and its side effects and very visible health conditions. The Coalition Government really needs to consider the affect this will have, not just on the vulnerable, but their families too. The rich are forever getting richer and those falling behind who need genuine help are under serious threat when ideally we should be educating people that no-one deliberately goes out to get ill and live off benefits, Let’s face it, it is not much of a life and you are looked down upon and stigmatised, you can barely afford to live and eat healthily which is paramount to independence and good health. It does not take a psychologist to understand that if you are living in poverty and being stigmatised it does nothing for your confidence or mental health. If more is taken away there will be no chance and people will become even more dependent, ill and cause more of a burden on the NHS, it will lead to depression and possible suicides for the most vulnerable. Already, by reading many of the forums on websites, the concern is clear to see, and this is not a concern that they will be ‘found out’ as the Government would like to think, but a genuine fear that they will not be able to afford to live and the repercussions. Surely, surely in this day and age there are ways to increase better living, and prognosis for those with disabilities, can we not tap in to minds of the many great people and philanthropists who have a desire and the power (and money) to change this way of thinking so that everyone gains and disability does not become a swear word but a ‘motivator. They need a sense of value in order to believe in themselves, gain confidence and feel equal to the rest. There needs to be greater understanding not victimisation and cut backs, they really cannot afford to tighten their belts; they are already squeezing the life out of them. If I could move in the right places I would dearly love to take a stand and change things for the better, that power is unique, there are people out there with it, let them rise and be brave, let’s not take, but give, surely we are a Great Nation? Let’s enable people!

  17. Daniel says:

    It is a great shame that the sick and disabled amongst us, will, yet again, be the target of cuts in the welfare budget. I am reliant on my partner / carer, am unable to drive due to my illness and reactions to medication, am in constant pain and have a multitude of long term health problems. Having battled long and hard to win my case, I see yet more battles looming on the horizon, which is a constant worry to me. I don’t want to loose my independence or mobility transport and become a prisoner in my own home. I have the letters from the ESA as it is called now, stating that I am unemployable and need no more medical reports. Well, we will see what transpires.

  18. marilyn jones says:

    it is absolute disgrace about goverment proposals, yet again the weak and vunerable are being targeted. I myself suffer from progressive multiple scerolis, and i feel guilty for getting this disease. i’ve worked since i was 16 years of age , for the past couple of years ,been recieving disabilty living allowance and other benefits. It is putting sick and genuine people under a lot of terrible stress. Do they not realise what these stresses will cause! shame on you! Also we are being targeted by society as if we are frauds and scougers.


  19. DEE says:

    Yes I too am a very worried disabled person. I was going on the protest at the government conference on sun Oct 3rd but they have made it so difficult to access that disabled arnt able to get there!

  20. Andrew R says:

    Providing for the sick and disabled and their careers defines our society as civilized, a return to a world where those groups rely on charity or means tested benefits is a return to the values of Victorian Britain and the poor laws. Thanks to Nye Bevan and the Labour government of 1945 this attitude had been consigned to history and defined post 1945 Britain as a truly civilized society. Today we are being threatened with a return to a form of barbarism that only this Tory/Liberal government would contemplate and consider morally justifiable.

  21. DiabOdds says:

    I can appreciate Diabnicks comment regarding Diabetes and complication. I have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, I am blind in right eye and very poor sight in other eye(currently being treated. I have chronic asthma, Endometriosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Diabetes Mellitus 39 yrs and completely knackered ! I receive DLA and severe disability allowance and my Mortgage payments have been drastically cut. I am worried sick as I am not able to pay the extra for my mortgage as it is already restricted. I will end up Homeless if more cuts are to happen on 20 of October. Stress is a killer and esp. with a chronic illness never mind a few. Seems us disabled folks will have to beg for bread and water as we have No right being unfit to work. The sooner a group is set up to fight these cuts that are being made on the Countries most VULNERABLE the better I say.

  22. E Stratton says:

    These cuts to disability will make my life so difficult as to be unliveable. It’s not all bad though, George Osborne will still have his £4 million offshore, tax-avoided trust fund.