Campaign to protect Disability Benefits

Carer Watch ask the Coalition to make a clear statement about the level of welfare benefits that they intend to offer to support disabled people and their carers in these very challenging times.

Disability Living Allowance was specifically named in the Emergency Budget as a benefit that was being targeted and where substantial savings could be made. Many groups/organisations representing the disabled people and carers are reporting that this has caused an immediate wave of anxiety and concern.

DLA is an essential benefit that was specifically designed to provide financial support towards the extra costs incurred by people living with a disability.  DLA payments have enabled hundreds of thousands of disabled people to maintain a degree of independence and quality of life that would have otherwise been lost to them.Because Middle and Higher rate DLA are both also passport benefits to enable family members to claim Carers Allowance, removing or reducing DLA will not only have an enormous financial impact on disabled people it will also impact on their carers – a double blow which will especially hit hard those families on the poverty line.

It is even more alarming that the Coalition plan a new regime of  ‘non medical tests ‘  as happened with Employment Support Allowance. A ‘test’ which was designed to throw 1 million people off sickness benefit altogether. It is a ‘test’ you are planned to fail.  

Of course we want the aspiration of work to be open to disabled people and carers but with rising unemployment coupled with cuts to social care support services, realistically how many will find work and how soon? We are concerned that the most severely and enduringly ill people will be subject to threats and sanctions for not finding work and have incomes reduced as a result.  

CarerWatch thank the groups, organisations and individuals who have signed below to support us.  

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  1. Have you noticed some very clever spinning that goes along with this. More and more little snippets and comments about how much the taxpayer is paying out to people who are just work shy or had a bad back once but are now fit to work but don’t want to because of Disability Benefits. This is to get the public to dwell on those who abuse the system rather than those who need and deserve the allowance. There are many members of the public who think that wearing a silly hat, sitting in a bath of custard and dropping a few pence in a bucket on ‘Children In Need’ night is their duty done for the year. But to cut DLA to disabled child put in hospital at 7 years old by bullies in the playground set upon because she had a speech problem. Later as the child grows into an adult you cry through the night at the thought of her missing so much of what other young women take for granted. Not for her the fun of shopping and getting ready for a night out clubbing. Not for her the opportunity for a job with prospects of promotion, dreams of marriage and children are just that – dreams. For being bullied and isolated for being rejected for missing out on much of lifes simple pleasures are just some of the reasons why she should not have to fear this latest attack on disabled people and their family/friend carers. This government and the last one have been targetting the disabled for cuts. They sell the land underneath old peoples care homes and move them anywhere there is a place, they shut day centres and still expect parent carers to go out to work.
    Where I live the Council recently (through local press) admonished parents of disabled shool children for the cost of taxis to take some of the children to school yet one of their own Councillors has been claiming expenses for years for taking a taxi to council meetings when there is a half hourly bus service from his home 20 miles away. Let us save money in some other ways. Number one on my list would be to stop using Consultants who have never worked a 7 day/night week looking after one or more disabled family members whilst trying to run a business. Let us leave these financial decisions to be made only by those with life long disabilities and their family carers and watch as we decide that this country cannot afford Consultants on up to £1000 per day to advise how to cut the welfare budgets. We may also decide Chief Executives of Councils on £200,000 per year with pensions of £95,000 per year is another luxury this country can no longer afford.

  2. The one thing that concerns me is the fact that 1000’s upon 1000’s of people with disabilities without thier DLA and incapasity ect could struggle in more ways than one. Not only lack of money, but take money off of them, they may struggle to meet household costs like gas, elec, water rates ect! Thus making the disabled person to be forced to live off the streets or in homeless shelters! If this happens How can this government Hold its head up high because of the devistating effect against people with disabilities.

    I for one am a person with disabilities reliant upon getting by with crutches every day riddled with atheritis on top of other complications! I had my DLA stopped just cos I can manage with crutches! Yet the employment market deems me unfit as also I have diabeties with hormonal siezures and asthma, Try fo interviews they say people like me are an employment insurance liability risk, so I get incapasity benifits instead. Yet this government wants to stop that too! How is people like me going to survive!

    It would do good for those setting these so called policies to take money from the disabled to live the likes of Job seekers/ incapasity for a couple of years and see how they struggle! Then they might realise just what we get isnt easy to get by from day to day paying out bills and not getting into debt without any threatened cuts.

    Maybe they need to look at reducing things like the utility bills to help us all out a bit! They really rocketed over this last two years to the point a lot of us is aving to go without heating in the winter to buy food.

  3. my wife is disabled and i rely on her benifit to give her the ability to live and independant life.i fully agree that disabled people are being spun against. she would give up all her benifits for good health and the ability to walk without pain.she will be retired by then but we are determinted to support any campagin to limit or remove this attack on dla

  4. What happens if someone is taken off DLA and are in the middle of a Motability contract hire agreement will their car be immediately repossesed and are people going to be left high and dry with no means of independant transport.

  5. How does the government know that the DLA tests won’t lead to higher awards overall? From experience I know that the DLA decision makers will do anything to stop you winning an award (including ignoring your doctors comments). Shouldn’t an impartial (unprejudiced) interview sort that problem out too? Or are the interviews a formality, the decisions having been already made?

    Get people off DLA and into work? You’re allowed to do both as it is! It isn’t one or the other. Are the government planning to change DLA such that if you work you can’t have DLA? Or don’t tknow how DLA works?

    What if you already work? Will you have to attend an interview to ‘get you back into the labour market’?

  6. Please Messrs Cameron, Clegg, Osborne et al, stop this hateful campaign of blaming the sick and disabled for their condition.

    In terms of your ‘big society’, I was your ideal citizen.
    I was a hard working member of society who not only did voluntary work in her community but also ‘got on her bike’ and moved to the other end of the country to work.

    I paid my taxes with pride, knowing we all contributed towards the needs of those who were not in the fortunate position of being able to work.

    My own condition was caused by working very hard, in my job, without the safety criteria being met by my employers. I have been left without a career, without the ability to earn my own money or even properly look after myself. My employer got off scot-free, but I was left in constant pain, with the stigma of physical helplessness, and the fear and shame of being a suspected benefit ‘scrounger’.

    Now that I cannot contribute what I did, I hear myself and the many others like me maligned as ‘scroungers’ and benefit cheats.

    And, the really shameful thing that nobody seems to mention is, that you know there aren’t going to be enough jobs! So your real purpose is to shift people with disabilities onto the lowest rate benefits, causing great suffering to save some money, which we paid as taxes in the first place!

    Stop using those people who can’t work and those whose jobs have disappeared as scapegoats.

    Disabled people did not cause the economic crisis, that was the bankers. Nor did they cause unemployment to rise. Nor, for that matter, did they ask for handouts for their duck houses and moat cleaning.

    I will pay for writing this email with a few days of intensified pain. I hope you will read it and remember that in different circumstances, the person writing this could have been you.

  7. It appears the DWP can override the Appeals Tribunals refuse their award of backdating due to negligence,as last time when tried to curtail had a cardiac arrest never having seen a cardiologist when they were presented evidence saying needed referral the time before .Then I died x3 . Does it come to this. The assesments are organised by physios so if you have a chronic medical condition not able to be cured by NHS you receive further indignity by being refused social services whilst the names of those used to discrinminate are officially tagged as your social worker . When you have no carer and a judge is allowing this to happen x2 and judiciary regulators a biased call centre , this is not amusing.

  8. I`m ashamed to say that I voted conservative,ie,voted “for change” and a promise to protect the vulnerable.
    Had I known that the change would be making genuinely sick and disabled people out to be scroungers “parked” on benefits,they wouldn`t have got my vote and they will NEVER again get my vote!
    I`ve suffered from a degenerative disease called ankylosing spondylitis since I was in my early 20s and managed to hold down a job as a painter and decorator until a bad car accident made my condition a lot worse.I also suffer from Crohns disease,bouts of iritis (inflamed eye),depression and two skin conditions associated with my AS.

    I gave up work in 1997 aged 39 and felt depressed and isolated because I could no longer work.
    According to the DSS doctor who examined me I was “unemployable” and he asked why I`d kept working for so long with my condition,saying that I could have easily justified stopping work ten years before!!
    In 1999,after a stringent medical examination supported by letters from my hospital specialists etc, I was awarded high rate mobility component and middle rate care component of DLA “for life”.
    How can Cameron , Clegg and co legally renege on this and force me and other “life” awarded claimants to undergo another test?
    No doubt that there maybe a tiny percentage of false claimants and these are probably on the lower or time limited claim structure anyway.
    Surely,in these days of everything being on a database,The DWP could access peoples medical records from gps and hospitals and get an accurate record of peoples illnesses and disabilities,thus saving the govt money from not needing the unfair ATOS examination and it`s resulting appeals and also saving ill and disabled people the indignity of having to undergo another examination.
    I wrote to cameron,Clegg,Osborne and my local mp jeremy browne,NOT ONE of them has had the common decency to reply.
    jeremy browne is probably too busy sticking up for the poor people in Brazil(according to his website) to bother about britains poor and vulnerable people!

  9. Having worked with unemployed and disabled people all my life, I have a slightly opposing view to most of those quoted above. For all the genuinely disabled people who claim DLA, there are an equal number who claim it fraudulently (e.g. I have been told by a number of my clients that the word is out that if you tell your child to “play up” in school, they will be assessed and you can claim DLA and Carers Allowance on the basis of ADHD!! The numbers claiming on this basis that I see totally bears this out. A friend of my husband who having been made redundant at 43, stated the state could keep him in future, and claimed DLA on the basis of ” leg pain” but jogged 15 – 20 miles per day!! I could go on)

    This not only fraudulent but it penalises genuine claimants, who, in my experience, complete their applications honestly and as a result the claims are rejected.

    I have no doubt that, when DLA claims start to be withdrawn, it will not be the genuine claimants who make the most fuss!!

  10. Jan Smith raises a very valid point about fraud. There is no difference in claiming disability benefits fraudulently and parking in disabled bay fraudulently. It is all wrong. But tackling fraud is a separate question. Set up a fraud detection system. But keep it separate.
    The benefits should work for the genuinely sick in a supportive way.
    Threats and sanctions brought in under ESA apply to all genuinely sick people and that is not the way to support them. If you have a diagnosis of a severe condition – shouldn’t that be accepted. What do threats add to the situation of a genuinely disabled person trying to make the right choices.

  11. Like others here, I was a fully working member of society, paying my dues and working as a teacher with 16 to 19 year olds who our education system failed.
    Suddenly struck down by a disease called Temporal Arteritis, disabled overnight, yet 6 months on, I am struggling on less than £80 SSP a week to pay my bills and to live. My application to DLA is pending enquiries from my consultant and they will then let me know IF I can get DLA. From what I read, I don’t hold out any hope of it being granted to me and in 3 weeks time my SSP will run out, at which stage I will have to apply to DSS for help, again, I have no idea IF I will be entitled to anything from them.
    I agree there will always be those who defraud the system, but this is a totally separate issue which should be dealt with separately. There are far more genuine people NOT getting the benefits they should be than there are claiming fraudulently simply becuase those who are genuinely ill are usually too ill to fight for their rights.
    I too will suffer pain because I have spent time adding my comments.
    It is time justice was done.
    Thank goodness I never voted this bunch of idiots into government, I can only hope it is not too long before they are out again.

  12. my partner gets DLA as he suffers with epilepsy grand mal seizures cluster fits where he,ll have so many in a 24 hour period .i,m his carer too this is because my partner has no warning when he,s gonna have a seizure .they come out the blue and can be extremely dangerous as he,s taken a fit while crossing roads and lots more so his DLA gives him a little bit of freedom so he can use taxis to get around etc. he ,s in less danger that way but the DLA is a life saver for him .in 2008 we had to fight to get his DLA back after he lost it they claimed he wasnt even epileptic even though doctors reports and all sorts .grand mal seizures are the worst type of epilepsy u can have .it effects him every day .due to his epilepsy he has other problems as he injured his shoulder a number of years ago due to a fit which has left him unable to use his arm /or lift . his been told too by doctors hes gonna be riddled with arthritis soon because of the damage to his shoulder .hes, claime runs out next november and were worried sick about it when he lost his claim in 2008 we had to wait months before goin for an appeal .and they told him he was lucky to get it . he,s suffered with epilepsy since being a teenager and his now 31 . its unfair them making changes to peoples claims i do understand theres alot of people who claim for things they do not need . and whats more annoying is these people get it when the real people who need the help are turned away makes you sick .i know a few people who work the system and its wrong because its people like my partner who suffer . i knew the goverment were gonna change incapicity benefits etc but i never heard the talk about DLA .now were really concerned that we will lose the benefit .what shall we do or what can we do .

  13. I am so horrified at this suggestion as i have only got my child dla after four long and exhausting years of fighting and i hope no other disabled family goes through thisd as we struggled every year to survive as icould not work due to caring responsibilities but my daghter was born ill. US CARERS SAVE THE NHS AND GOVERNMENT BILLIONS OF POUNDS!

  14. I, like most other carers, work ridiculously long hours for the pitiful sum the government sees fit to award me. For my (frequent) eighteen hours a day I receive around fourteen pounds per week, in the main because although I get full carer’s allowance, all bar the approximate fourteen pounds is removed by income support. I have a good degree and had a good job. My husband didn’t choose to be ill, my children didn’t choose to be autistic. I save the government a significant amount, per annum, more, than they choose to pay me. And now they want to penalise me further and to call me, and my family names. Thank you Dave, Nick, et al.

  15. As the government knows full well DLA is not an out of work benefit. In fact many people use it in order to be able to work, for travel, wheelchairs or with help from carers etc. The DWP’s own figures show that only 0.5% of claims are fraudulent.. The system is already extremely tough and distressing to go through when one is severely ill. It took me 5 weeks to fill my form in, only able to do a little each day, since the local welfare rights officers were shut down. The time before that I was so ill I nearly had a nervous breakdown until I got help to fill it in. A person with a disability/long term illlness will have been assessed by consultants qualified in that speciality. Atos doctors/midwives used are not competent to assess complicated medical conditions on the basis of a rigged medical – eg neurological conditions. This is a despicable attack on the most vulnerable and has led to an increase in hate crimes against the disabled. Many people have already been made worse by all this negative coverage in the media and living in fear as to how they will cope. In some disability forums people are talking of saving up their medication to commit suicide. Only a few days ago a man who had been left unfit to work following an assault, committed suicide because his incapacity and housing benefit were stopped. People with Motability cars who have had them vandalised and been subjected to harrassement and false reprting as fraudulent to the DSS. This exercise will cost millions and save practically nothing. For my part without DLA I will be forced into a Care Home and the cost will be astronomical. I think the same will apply to many others. I use my DLA to cover extra significant heating costs and for help from paid carers and for “treatments” not available on the NHS, without which I would be even worse. DLA saves the government billions by enabling people to stay at home rather than go into care. Remember Care in the Community? It was intended to keep people with long term problems out of hospitals and institutions. All this from a man who claimed every state benefit there was going to look after his own son, including Direct Payments, when he was financially well able to pay for this himself. Now he has stopped payments from the Independent Living Fund altogether. This is obviously not a case of stamping out fraud. Those who qualify for the ILF asistance are the most profoundly disabled of all. This whole thing has stirred up a hatred of all disabled people as fakes and scroungers and caused untold distress to very ill people. The few who are fraudulent will not be deterred as they have the time and energy to fight the system. Those who are ill give up. Cameron, of all people, should be ashamed of himself and the misery he has already caused let alone what is to come. How many deaths will it take before this government realises they have made a horrendous mistake. Let our own GPs and Consultants write reports, not pay doctors who are so bad they cannot get a job doing anything else to fake results.

  16. Genuinely ill and disabled people despise benefits cheats as much, if not more than able-bodied people. Cheats exploit not only the welfare-system but also disabled people. They cause increased prejudice against the disabled and take money meant to help those who need it.

    It should be obvious that people who are entitled to benefits such as IB/ESA and DLA would fully support an effective and properly implemented process of evaluation. We want a system that works.

    So why are so many protesting and condemning the government’s new initiatives and ATOS’s half-baked approach?

    Because they are not effective or efficient. They do not identify those genuinely entitled to the benefits leading to very high numbers of appeals which succeed. For all we know, similar numbers of awards that are made could also be mistakes.

    The whole system is a shambles and fails the needs and entitlements of the sick and disabled.

    The inefficiency and unfairness of this system rests in the hands of the government and as far as I am concerned is simply explained by their willingness to join in with those who think it’s ok to exploit the disabled. It’s just about saving money and they don’t care how they do it.

  17. How Ironic to read that back in 19978 tory social security spokesman Simon Burns condemned labours planned reassessment of disability benefits stating that it was “AN ATTACK ON THE VULNERABLE”.

  18. Some fo the most difficult disabilities to cope with are mental illnesses. The mental hospitals provided a degree of rehabilitation, and occupation suited to the individual patient.. Although treatment has improved, there was no National provision of rehabilitation for patiens who were discharged. This is vital and is indeed part of the TREATMENT. The minimum wage did not encourage them to search for employment without being financially worse off. Many are now of middle age + and still have the illness, althoug it may be much better treated medically. Hiwever these ilnesses (schizophrenia, manic depression, O.C.D.) etc. are difficult illnesses to manage both for the patient and carer/s. Some may find occupation at home, but this does not improve their social abilities or financial status. Some need varying amounts of supervision, their memories may have been affected by some of the older treatments. Some may have found occupations for themselves on a voluntary basis. Any changes in their lives are particularly traumatic, and I would suggest that those who have been able to find unpaid occupation are allowed to continue in this arrangement. Also if they are on Benefits (and most are) their savings allowance should be
    increased. they should also have assistance in obtaining materials for any hobby they may have been able to undertake.

  19. I’ve been kicked off DLA I have a personaity disorder, I’ve tried to get help from my local NHS but it’s not available so I was using the DLA to fund my own treatment, which was helping me to manage my contdition, as soon as the DLA was withdrawn It put me back to square one,not only that I am now living below the poverty line I can only afford one meal a day and my illness has come back with a vengeance ad I am now exepcted to get a job I was recently interviewed for a job and was requested to provide a doctors not saying that I was fit for work, I felt that this was also discrimination, but I fell powerless to do anything about it.

  20. I live well below the minimum level of income support, simply because I have a mortgage. I have had my DLA stopped and the arguements have gone on for 5 years. It means I get no care, I cannot afford to eat properly and for months during the winter I suffer regularly from hypothermia. I am in a ‘Catch 22′ I cannot resolve my previous DLA problems as I canot get representation, therefore any fresh claim will simply be turned down. No one would employ me and I am not well enough for work though I miss my previous profession severely. The DWP have commoited a ‘gross misrepresentation of he material facts so as to stop my Income support, but that is allowable, I just want the ability tto enforce my rights under the law and achieve an acceptable standard of living in a rich, first world country.
    I have had enough of being treated like a criminal by faceless beaurocrats who have probably commoitted worse offences than I have but think they are in the rihjt as my ability to proove myself innocent has been taken from me.

  21. Life would be unbearable without the freedom and liberty that DLA allows me.
    As a paraplegic caused by an underlying inborn error of metabolism on the Rare Diseases Database I cannot expect any Health Care Prfessional employed by the DWP to understand my condition.
    DLA has allowed me to purchase a second wheelchair to meet my ongoing needs, along with a vehicle suitably adapted for my disability.

    DLA helps meet the extra costs of electricity for my ‘extra’ laundry, chargers for disability equipment. helps to afford a modicum of heating as I cannot move around to keep warm. It pays for this broadband connection as per my social workers suggestion to allow me to purchase items more cheaply on-line as I cannot tour shops, it pays for my chiropody, a window cleaner

    The hounding by the media of the disabled community in general led by the DWP and elected M.P.s should be stopped forthwith. It is inhuman and against our Human Rights.

  22. I see there are fewer descriptors in the assessments for ESA. If the Govt was serious about tackling fraud, it would make the tests more thorough. It would engage properly with healthcare providers who actually know the patient. It would have medicals conducted by people who actually know about the illnesses they are presented with. They do none of those things, therefore I am forced to conclude that they don’t actually care about the taxpayer being defrauded at all. What they care about is spin. It looks likely that even any money they save by these new measures will be in the pennies.

    The thing is, erroneously kicking people off benefits will increase 3 things: death by suicide, death by exacerbated illness from poor nutrition or the cold mentioned by a previous poster, and crime.

    (The Govt and media are so busy “kicking cripples” that they forget about people with illnesses that are not physically debilitating. Well Mr Osbourne, expect an increase in innocent taxpayers (remember them, your supposed “friends”?) being burgled and mugged at bus stops. It just goes to show that the Govt don’t care about people in work any more than those out of it.)

    And in terms of collateral damage from “fraud-busting” measures (even if they were effective), to me, one person dying is too many.

  23. Priorities all wrong as per usual. targeting a soft option is generally considered the way forward on how to make your mark, hence disabled people are the ones in the front line.

    ESA is all fine and dandy if it worked properly. It is not helpful that the medical assessors are putting serious spin on what a person is and is not capable of. One would imagine they have been tasked with getting as many as possible under the 15 point mark and again knowing many will appeal, many will not, for generally obvious reasons.

    So HMG, why not work for your money and target the areas you know will give you some grief, actually why bother with benefits at all et al? take a good look around elected ministers, well you were almost elected, we pay your wages so do what is asked of you.

    Whilst one cannot deny some and I mean a few only on DLA, AA, IB et al should no way be taking this money and ought to get off derrière and do something about money for themselves. But it is only a few that give it a bad name; the recent referee on disability benefits, the daft so-and-so break-dancing on BGT, these are exceptions of course but they deserve to be caught out and repay every penny with interest.

    DON’T however assume we are the same because we are most certainly not! I worked 30 years manually, then 7 on light duties, 3 more on part time even lighter until a year ago when I just had to stop. I’D LOVE to work, but hells bells, there is not enough jobs for the able-bodied, let alone us.

    Victimizing the disabled and having medical assessments that are a pack of lies (allegedly) then appeal tribunals who do not understand the condition is crazy…NOT ALL disabilities are visible!


  24. I suffer with both severe bipolar disorder and many severe physical problems that I am awaiting surgery for.I worked until i was 30, despite my worsening health,but since 1994 have been recieving I.B. I was not told about DLA until 2007 and started claiming-I get the highest rate for care and mobility.My medical notes state that I am ‘unemployable’-which shocked me when I first read them.I have made many attempts to work-starting with voluntary work,but very quickly, my bipolar disorder becomes worse and I have to stop.There are very few jobs that I could do due to my physical problems,so for me, my I.B. and DLA payments are essential as we could not manage without them.
    My DLA claim is due to be renewed very soon, and my GP has been very supportive in backing up the information I put on my forms-the very idea that her opinion would be disregarded under the new system is horrifying-she has known me very well for 14 years, and can tell just by looking at me, what frame of mind I am in.I have to walk with a walking frame and am in constant pain. I would rather have my legs amputated than suffer with bipolar disorder and would love to be able to return to work as a nurse, but that would be impossible…I also have a disabled son who has DLA for life-does the changes coming in mean that he too would lose his benefits? All of this uncertainty is very stressful and is making me very anxious.
    I know that there are many people out there who con the system-I have seen people put on neck collars and walk with sticks when going into the office where they have their medicals, and when they are out of sight, they take off the collar and walk unaided-I observed all this from the daycare centre I attended to help with my bipolar-it was next door to the building where assessments were held and everyone there would watch as these malingerers tried to beat the system.Where money is concerned you will always have people who try and get something for nothing,but to penalise genuinely disabled people is disgusting-surely there is a fairer way of assessing people.I am just grateful that I have not used my DLA fo get a motability car, as if my benefit was stopped, I would lose the car-what do people in that situation do?? I hope that the government realises that they are making a huge, unjust mistake, and come up with a fairer, more effective way of policing the fraudsters without penalising the truly disabled who given half the chance would be only too happy to be well enough to earn their own living.David cameron-you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  25. I am profoundly deaf from birth & I work all my life in carer all sudden my back by accident from work & gave me ill health retired 2003 & I got DLA to help me around my home & my carer come to me 7 day a week in deaf commuiction if no DLA I will be stuck at home in fish bowl & mental health that is why DLA is help me alots & car & 2 mobility scooter really help me alots to get out to meet deaf people my culture!! why David carmeron cut all benefit & DLA seem cruel on disable people I cant cope without car/DLA ect my life will be change & terrible cos I am profoundly deaf & back chronic pain & difficult walk & arthrist & depression & mental health if they stopped it will be worse for me make my life will be destroy is blame to David cameron I am angry what he say cut cut cut cut seem unfair for disable people & David cameron is rich lucky man but not my fault become ill health retired by employer & ashamed or urself not thinking about disable people & profoundly deaf cant used phone,radio,bird nothing like fish bowl if David cameron become deaf & disable problem he will know how feel the same to other people in perment disiable u make me unhappy & depression wake up!!!!

  26. After a full and active life in which I have raised my twoo children for 20 years as a single parent. I have finally fallen ill. Diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. It is painful and severely advanced. I had to pack in work and the ESA work assessment gave me 0. Icannot bend sit walk or stand without pain. My chest expansion now is less than 2 cms and my neck and ribs are fusing. I am going to a Tribunall sometime in the future. It has already been 8 months since my SSP stopped. Most days I wish I was dead not because of the illness but because of the financial mess I am in. I feel a complete failiure to myself and my children and the ATOS people have made this all the worse by branding me a fraud. My specialist is adamant that in my present condition I am unable to work as is my GP but ATOS have lied openly on their report about my condition atributing abilities that the very nature of the disease procludes me from doing. How can I fake MRI scans that show spine fused and bloodworks that confirm constant and substantial inflamation. It truly beggars belief. Sorry but I needed a rant now fatigue has kicked in too tired.


    Please Kevin can you just copy this post exactly as it is to the CarerWatch Testimonies which we show to politicians and journalists. Someone has to persuade them to stop this unblievable cruelty . I agree eith you – it beggars belief. We have to kepp fighting and show the public what they are doing. Please – any one else with a personal story of this kind – please post it on the Testimonies. We can do this – yes we can.

  28. I get 15 hours ILF and 15 Hours care from the Council adult group totaling 30, I have just had a letter to tell me someone has suggested that I shouldnt be getting DLA, and they have sent me a new form to apply, I have had a lifetime award for 6 years now as I am a permenant wheelchair user, I am 100% Genuine, so I know deep down I should not be worried, I have only just had my house adapted by the council DFG for 100% wheelchair use?
    The cause of the letter, is a malicious neighbour (you know the ones, the ones jealous of all the space you need when you live in a wheelchair, Sad Ba***rds)
    Well today I have sent in my Dr’s letters and OT assessments, DFG application, Opticians report etc, but I have read about the horror stories of the DLA people not taking any notice of Dr’s reports etc,
    I have a complex neurological order, and cannot swallow easy, and have muscle spasms, and have double vision and tunnel vision, I will me mortified if I lose DLA and ILF etc as this means I will have to go in a home,
    anyone else had to cope with this stress, any help needed.
    (god knows what I pressed for text to appear centred, sorry)

  29. im still recovering from an automobile accident,and some of me will never recover.however before this i was a volunteer carer.a person i was caring for managed to get a higher rate of day i took this person with me as i was travelling to a diffrent town and thought he might like to come along for the ride.imagine my thoughts when he said to me.its the first time ive been out ov this town for 14 years…what do you suppose pple like him will face if dla is took away?.what kind of jail sentence will he face?,life?this is nothing but a disgusting attack on sick disabled pple are living the life of riley like our elected poloticions ….poloticions can bang their gums 24/7,but they are not saying anything different since the short while ago when they got caught with their hands in the isnt disabled people that are criminals,so why are they spinning it this way?perhaps they should start banging their gums about the billions it is costing to keep immigrants and their offspring living in our country.lets have some cuts there aswell .

  30. i think we should all remember that even labour were after our dla. after a long fight they decided to stop it at age 65 and give the money to social services – but not all would be eligable for care – can you imagine it. they would never manage. both parties are as bad as each other.



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