Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an oceanRyunosuke Satoro

Thank you everyone.

The e-petition closed on 1st November, with 62,581 signatures (some people may yet confirm their emails so that might still increase slightly).

Pat’s Petition has closed but the campaigning continues. We will build on the knowledge we have gained, the contacts we have made and the lessons learned. The words of the petition are as fresh and meaningful as they were 12 months ago and our commitment to them hasn’t changed.

I want to emphasise how well you/we all did. Through networking with others we helped raise awareness of the changes ahead.

This weekend was always going to be a quiet one for us. A chance to catch up with ourselves. If only!   The sheer volume of supportive emails is still keeping us extremely busy. Many have questions that need answering. Some have suggestions that need to be considered.

We have been asked repeatedly what next for Pats Petition?

We do have plans but we need time to clear the decks first.

We will always post our news on –

campaign blog here,

as well as our facebook

and twitter .

You can also send emails to

Feel free to add comments below.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support over the last year.


 Pat x


* If you are still waiting for a reply from us please be patient

** This was always a People’s Petition and we were amazed at the support in the final 48 hours just before the petition closed. With a final push in e-newsletters from Benefits and Work and Hardest Hit, and a well co-ordinated event on Twitter organised by  @Epipsychidion86, an extra 5000 people signed in support.

Following on from this the wider disability community is coming together to join forces. On Tuesday 6th November at 8pm there is to be a discussion about petitions in general, and exchange ideas. Follow  @JeffCeSoir1 and @Epipsychidion86. Till further plans are decided on, they are using the hash tag #patspetition, as a meeting place.

We hope as many people will be able to participate as possible.