“As a charity at the forefront of the fight against muscle disease, the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has urged the government to consider that many disability benefits are intended to help meet the extra costs of living with a disability.

“We welcome the intention in the 21st Century Welfare consultation paper to simplify the complex benefits system, and to make the process more efficient. And we are pleased to note that one of the stated objectives of the reforms is “supporting carers and enabling disabled people to have an equal role in society.

“But any reform to the Disability Living Allowance must be carried out with the intention of promoting independence and quality of life for people with a disability more effectively, rather than as a cost cutting measure targeted at some of the more vulnerable people in our society. At the same time, fraudulent claims should be rooted out and the consequent savings used to strengthen and enhance support for carers and people living with disabilities.”

Robert Meadowcroft,
Acting Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Campaigns,

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign