Pat’s Petition welcome this debate on Wednesday 10th July 2013 regarding ‘The effect of Government Policies on Disabled People.’

Over 62,000 people signed Pat’s Petition calling for this debate.  And 48,905 people have now signed the WOW Petition . Please add your name if not already done so and then share asking as many others to do the same. ( 5 months remaining ).

We, along with many others, have continuously asked the government to conduct a Cumulative Impact Study to assess the cumulative effects of the myriad of changes in policy falling on disabled people and carers. The government refuses on the grounds that this is too difficult. It is totally irresponsible to conduct an enormous experiment like this on disabled people without attempting to predict or measure the effects on disabled people and carers. It wouldn’t be allowed in any kind of building project – so why is it possible to experiment on disabled people without checking that it is safe.

With recess 18th July – 2nd Sept,  followed by Party conferences 13th Sept to 8th October , this will be one of the last opportunities to get disabled peoples’ voices heard for some time.

Here at Pat’s Petition we will be sending briefing papers to MPs from all parties, but it is vital you contact them too.

It is personal stories about how these changes to benefits and services are affecting you and your families, that they need hear. This will help them understand why a Cumulative Impact Assessment is a necessity.


take action


 Actions you can take


1. Write to your MP and ask them to back the motion. Contact your MP   via this link

Here’s the motion in full:


That this House believes that the Government should publish a cumulative impact assessment of the changes made by this Government that affect disabled people (to be published by October 2013).

Ask them to attend and speak on your behalf

2. Watch the debate live on the day using this link

3. Share the information with all your friends, family, work colleagues, local media.


4. Don’t forget to use social media to raise awareness of this Disability debate.

Share the details on Facebook, and if you use Twitter we will be using the hashtag      #CiaDisability


Times are hard for everyone, employment, housing, cost of living – are problems for us all. We are all supposed to be in this together. But disabled people are not in this together because they often have far fewer options.

Support disabled people on Wednesday




  1. i have to start paying counicl tax which i can’t afford as i am on benefits

  2. Both my husband and I are disabled and are both self-employed. The recession is destroying our businesses and we have made a loss of over £6000,00p in the last year. We have, at most, 2 meals a week. The rest of the week we live on toast or sandwiches. We now have to find more than £80 per week to pay for rent and council tax and are due in court later in July for council tax debts. Luckily we only have a tiny 1 bedroomed flat. For the 1st time in my life, I just turned 60, I will have to go to see CAB for advice, but I don’t hold out much hope.

  3. This is long overdue although I hope someone a little more formidable that Liam Burn will be doing the talking.

    Congrats to all involved with Pat’s petition & the WOW petition.

    Unfortunately, there is no point writing to my MP who refuses to visit or to respond to correspondence.

  4. Channel 4 News are showing a ‘bedroom tax’ case study tomorrow night at 7pm [wednesday] to coincide with this debate.

    It is the story of myself and my wife and profoundly disabled grandson, and our battle with our council and the coalition over the bedroom tax.

    Our bungalow was built for our grandsoin and is his ‘home for life’. He has carers staying overnight now, in our so-called ‘spare bedroom’, and eventually [we hope] will have them 24-7 as he will need care for the rest of his life.

    I think the benefit cut is absolutely unfair on all disabled people, is a badly thought through piece of social policy, and ought to be repealed asap.

    Please watch! We must all stand up and fight this together.
    Paul Rutherford



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