The debate last week was a great day for Pat’s Petition team, and other campaigning groups. The MPs who spoke in favour of our petition could not have done more to support us. And it is a massive change to have the full support of the Labour Front Bench for the first time. This only the beginning.

The only sour note was the extraordinary accusation from Paul Maynard that
we were ‘extremists’. The term is offensive to us.

We contacted Mr Maynard for further explanation. We were pleased that, as a result of these communications, he agreed for the word ‘extremist’ be excised from the record. However, Hansard have now replied to him saying this is not possible. We have therefore asked him to write a correction on the copy of Hansard in the House of Commons library. (Awaiting response)

Wednesday 10th July was a great day for the whole disability movement and once this issue has reached a satisfactory conclusion,  we would like to move forward and make sure that the government ‘stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families ’

Exchange with Mr Maynard below.

Letter to Mr Maynard July

Reply from Mr Maynard

Letter to Mr Maynard

Reply from Mr Maynard today

Cross over of emails

Letter to Mr Maynard      22nd July

Letter from Mr Maynard    22nd July