Professor Peter Beresford OBE . Chair, Shaping Our Lives

Government policy on disability and DLA assessment is beginning to look like a first world war tribunal committed to sending the badly wounded back into the front line at any cost. No matter about physical or sensory impairment or mental health problem, just get them off benefits and into jobs that don’t exist.

This policy doesnt add up and is against every principle of anti-discrimination and disability equality. Many disabled people will be damaged by this, but ultimately it will be government and the rest of us who will be the real losers as we are all pulled away from the principles of a just and civilised society.


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  1. I agree with you Peter,The last Attack on the weakest and poorest in society during the last big recession in the Eighties left society not only poorer financially,but also after all this time are still suffering from the policies that were pursued at that time.
    I think the Eighties were the time when social upheaval and unrest began.Mass unemployment was unknown to my generation,born in the fifties till that time.Was the shutdown of Mines and their communities really economically viable.When you take in the massive cost of policing the Miners strikes.The Redundancy payouts to Miners.The closure of communities with the mass unemployment and crime that followed in those areas.Was it really a price worth paying.
    Do you remember the state of the hospitals in the late Eighties and early Nineties.They were becoming unpainted and neglected inside and out.A feeling of decay.The closure of businesses en mass.Shops boarded up all over the country.
    Some people like the yuppies started to do well in the late Eighties and early Nineties.But for the poor,things never really got that much better.The divide between the rich and poor got greater.
    Now people that are unemployed sick or disabled are being targeted again.Being pilloried in the press as lazy scroungers that contribute nothing for society.The most vulnerable in society are being bullied and humiliated by Government sponsored propaganda.The Government that is supposed to protect the weakest is attacking the weakest.Propaganda like this has not been used since it started in Germany in 1933.Its distasteful,harmful and shows the lack of moral fibre of those that are elected to serve us.


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