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All Pat wants for Christmas is …..

Monday, November 19th, 2012


YOUR continuing support in calling for a Cumulative Impact Assessment regarding changes to benefits and services

Thank you to all our supporters. It feels like such a long time ago now that the petition finished, but it is only three weeks. In that time you haven’t heard much from us, but believe me, we’ve been busy.

We may not have reached the magic 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a potential debate – but that’s just a number.

 When did a little thing like that stop us?

We have written to Liam Byrne and Ed Miliband (see copy here), asking that they request a debate in parliament regarding a Cumulative Impact Assessment. This is within their powers and we hope they act promptly.

Please can you e-mail Liam and tell him how much this means to you and how strongly you feel about this.  ( )

It would also help if you could write to your own MP. (To find your MP insert your postcode here)

Tell them that you want a debate, put the pressure on them to secure a date. And at the same time, raise their awareness of what these changes mean for us. When it gets to a debate, we’ll need to make sure all MPs know the true impact for their constituents. Let’s face it, their surgeries are going to be filled with people once the full effect of these changes hit.

We know that. Let’s make sure they do.

It may be that you fear losing Housing benefit or Disability Living Allowance.

It could be that you worry about losing services from social care, or that you have lost a valued member of staff in the NHS changes.

You might be in the middle of an appeal for Employment Support Allowance or have just received a dreaded brown envelope.

Whatever it is, tell them in your own words. It doesn’t have to be long, but the passion and truth of your real story could make a difference for all of us.

 Please do it today

We have such a wide range of people supporting us now that we really hope with your help that Liam will give us this debate.

So please, let us know which MP you contact, several ways to do this listed below. Send us all the feedback you get from your MP so that they can be involved when the debate happens.

Add to pp facebook page here.

Email info to

Tweet to @patspetition , also use hashtag #patspetition

Add in comments below

 Together we can do this




Please share on facebook and twitter



Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an oceanRyunosuke Satoro

Thank you everyone.

The e-petition closed on 1st November, with 62,581 signatures (some people may yet confirm their emails so that might still increase slightly).

Pat’s Petition has closed but the campaigning continues. We will build on the knowledge we have gained, the contacts we have made and the lessons learned. The words of the petition are as fresh and meaningful as they were 12 months ago and our commitment to them hasn’t changed.

I want to emphasise how well you/we all did. Through networking with others we helped raise awareness of the changes ahead.

This weekend was always going to be a quiet one for us. A chance to catch up with ourselves. If only!   The sheer volume of supportive emails is still keeping us extremely busy. Many have questions that need answering. Some have suggestions that need to be considered.

We have been asked repeatedly what next for Pats Petition?

We do have plans but we need time to clear the decks first.

We will always post our news on –

campaign blog here,

as well as our facebook

and twitter .

You can also send emails to

Feel free to add comments below.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support over the last year.


 Pat x


* If you are still waiting for a reply from us please be patient

** This was always a People’s Petition and we were amazed at the support in the final 48 hours just before the petition closed. With a final push in e-newsletters from Benefits and Work and Hardest Hit, and a well co-ordinated event on Twitter organised by  @Epipsychidion86, an extra 5000 people signed in support.

Following on from this the wider disability community is coming together to join forces. On Tuesday 6th November at 8pm there is to be a discussion about petitions in general, and exchange ideas. Follow  @JeffCeSoir1 and @Epipsychidion86. Till further plans are decided on, they are using the hash tag #patspetition, as a meeting place.

We hope as many people will be able to participate as possible.


Pat’s Petition says “No retreat – No surrender”

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

A short post for this morning. More will follow in next few days

For the contacts we have made from all walks of life….individuals, grassroots groups, activists, groups, charities, clergy, union’s and many more – we will build on Pat’s petition and look forward to standing together in this fight regarding cuts to benefits and services.

We started off as 7 women, all disabled and/or family carers – and as we knocked on doors so the numbers grew. At the time of writing this the petition stands at 62,032

However, it is not the end but the beginning.

It is not how hard you can hit but about how hard you can be hit and still keep moving forward.

About how much you can take and still keep moving forward

Rocky Balboa

Let’s carry on fighting


Support for Pat’s Petition on Twitter – 2 hours to go (10.12 a.m.)

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

With thanks to @Epipsychidion86 for his support page

We are looking to achieve the near-impossible: to gain over 40,000 signatures for our petition in just one day  so we can put our case for a review of disability cuts before the government.

We hope you will help us as we try our utmost to ensure our voices are heard.

 The main way you can help us is to tweet the #patspetition hashtag as much as you can!

8am this morning supporters of Pat’s Petition will be mass tweeting links to the petition ( and this page. We would love it if you could join in at:


8AM on Thursday (2 hours to go!) – when we will try one last time to persuade people to sign with the #2hourstogo hashtag.


At the end of the day, it’s the volume of messages that will be important to trending, so please help by sending lots of #patspetition tweets – linking to Pat’s Petition, taking part in one or all of the above ‘themes’, copying in friends and family to this campaign, or even asking celebrities to retweet the hashtag in order to show support.

Every little helps!


One final, important point to make is that retweets don’t count towards #hashtag trends! So if you want to RT anything, it would be so helpful if you could copy the text into a new tweet and put ‘RT’ on the front. Thank you!

Read in full here

Pat’s petition may fail because good people did nothing

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

courtesy of @MidWalesMike

As I type this, the petition calling on the government to “stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”, informally known as “Pat’s Petition”, which requires 100,000 signatures to secure a debate in Parliament, has gained just a few more than 60,000.



You have till 10.12 am today to sign and then share with others.