We stand united together and will grow and grow

As a gardener I am always looking for new ideas to add to my garden. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Like most of us who enjoy plants and trees – each new addition means a little less lawn to cut as we find a space for our latest acquisition.

Up here in Scotland we have some beautiful natural stone. Most of it huge and attached to a mountain but my garden has its own fair share.

Granite is plentiful in many areas. As such it is used a lot in buildings as it is one of the hardest stones known to man. And woman who digs it out of her garden!



A cairn is often used to mark the tops of mountains – people who reach the summit can add a stone. They are also used to mark paths keeping travellers safely away from the dangers of the edges. The lasting durability of the stone cairn is a symbol to those that follow behind.


So the idea of building a cairn in the garden was born.and it will represent those 62,709 people who signed Pat’s Petition before it closed.

I laid the first stone and it will be added to as and when weather, time and availability of gathered stones allow.


cairn laying 1st stone 2

I don’t think I can count 62,709 but will use one stone per 100 signatures. The strength and hardness of these stones represent us all – disabled people, carers and their families.


PP closed 4 months ago but we are still inundated with requests from people wanting to add their support. To this end a space has been created here. New stones will continue to be added to the cairn as these numbers increase.

Like the cairn which won’t crumble into the soil – we stand united together and will grow and grow.

There are still some important petitions open on the government website.


WowPetition  sign here   Рfurther details of the campaign group here


Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments  Рsign here





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  1. brigitte says:

    i have emailed my mp last week to tell george osbourne to just shut up not unless he can start practicing what he preaches i had the oppotunity to apply to judiciary dla to pip panels this application to be in by 15 april im not now able my health is going downhill fast at the amount of time ive been kept shut down in here no new home no adaptatitions this goverment persistently says disabled in work thats fine but im not allowed any life words fail me grateful to pat to make sure liam bryne knows about me

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