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Pat Onions has submitted an e-petition to the government website. Pat is blind and Pat is also a carer. When we asked her why she submitted this petition she said –

We were determined to attend the Hardest Hit rally in Edinburgh. Determined, in spite of disability, to stand with the others who had made the long and difficult journey. Determined to show we were united as one voice against the vicious cuts we are all enduring. We knew there were many thousands who couldn’t make it. Disability, ill health, providing care, or cost would prevent them coming. We made it.

To the many there and those who came in spirit……….this petition is for us all.

Pat’s petition reads –

Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families.

You can see the full petition on the Government website here , SIGN HERE

CarerWatch are supporting Pat’s petition.  If Pat gets 100,000 signatures it could generate a debate in Parliament.

There is massive concern over the huge extent of both the welfare reforms and the cuts. Too often when people speak up, their voice is fragmented and discounted. This is an opportunity to get everyone together to speak with one voice, and to register in one place, how many people are asking the government to listen.

Firstly – obviously – we ask you to sign this petition and persuade all your family and friends to do the same. The name of the game is numbers ; so please ask friends, family and any organisations you belong to to sign and get others to sign.

When you sign the petition you will see buttons for twitter and facebook; so please share it with others on Twitter and Facebook.  Let Pat know she has your support by leaving a comment here too.

The first signatures will be the hardest to get, while we get this juggernaut rolling, so please help now and make sure that this petition really takes off.

This petition will only succeed if everyone joins together to support it and CW are delighted that  organisations are joining our ranks and offering support.

Organisations that are supporting us and who are raising awareness of Pat’s Petition are :

False Economy   CPAG    RNIB Scotland    The Afiya Trust

Rethink Mental Illness  MIND     RNIB     RADAR      Scope

Disability Alliance      CarerWatch     Fibromyalgia Support for Surrey and Sussex

The Broken of Britain     CarersUK     DPAC

Benefits and Work     Breakthrough UK

Pain Concern     Inclusion Scotland

Sue Marsh – Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

Carers Forum uk     University and College Union

Benefits and Work

Scottish Council on Visual Impairment

SWAN – Social Work Action Network

National Pensioners Convention    Social Perspectives Network

National Housing Federation   National Family Carer Network     MSRC

We support many other campaigns by organisations like –  Hardest Hit, MacMillan Cancer, Children’s Society, RNIB, Scope

see details here


23 Responses to “Pat’s Petition”

  1. Rebecca Scott-Beaulieu says:

    I wish to support the petition and hope that enough signatures are collected in order that there is a proper debate and change in the way services are being cut which will have a disproportionate effect on the most vulnerable members of our society.

  2. Sonia Williams says:

    I have only limited mobility and do not actually warrant having a carer or any benefits relating to this condition. However, I belong to a group of people who have various types of physical impairments and need the help of carers and sufficient benets to enable them to lead as “normal” a life as possible. I feel strongly about the proposed cuts, as these would clearly impinge heavily on the lives of my friends in the Gravesham Access Group (GAG). I have never known such a positive group of people in my life, they need – and deserve – every assistance they can get. The situation needs talking through thoroughly and wiil, I hope, result in reaching a solution in their favour.

  3. We need the goverment to stop the cuts to benefits and services which are on disabled people, their carers and families. I wish to support the petition and hope many more do the same

  4. Andy Godfrey says:

    I wish to support the petition as, in my oinion, the more people’s concerns are heard the more seriously the Government may take them.

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  6. Elizabeth King says:

    I am signing this petition because : since July 2011,I have attended three funerals of men I know who took their own lives to due to removal of vital disability benefits and lack of welfare rights officer support. Another disabled lady, with support from hospital consultants’ letters and other social and medical workers’ letters, failed to win her appeal to reinstate DLA. She is at obvious risk to all those who know her. As crisis loans and social fund diminish, and without adequate means to repay such, disabled people are, through no fault of their own disregarded as expendable – how can we send out aid to third world countries yet abandon obviously vulnerable people in the UK? I was horrified when the Welfare Reform Bill was moved from main debating chamber of the Lords so that the public cannot hear the detail and input what they know needs to be addressed? The training for doctors assessing disabled people needs to be far more than currently offered and assessments need to be repeated before decisions are made, as these doctors have no insight into effects impacting on a daily basis of claimants unknown to assessing doctors in one short assessment. This needs to be debated all over again and not hidden away from public participation.

    • Mo Stewart says:

      ELIZABETH – you can watch the debates on-line via Parliament TV – committees – welfare reform.

      Much more detailed info can be found at:

      and the assessment doctors, no matter how good they are, can’t make any difference honey as the possible answers on the computer do not relate to the questions in enough detail – the softwear is designed to prevent as many as possible from qualifying for the support.

  7. Adam Lotun says:

    Please feel free to add my name and that of Workplace Disability Adjustments to your list of supporters…

  8. Mo Stewart says:

    Delighted to sign this petition and Pat is very well aware that she has my support at all times.

    Elizabeth King – you CAN watch the welfare reform debates on-line in Grand Committee via Parliament TV – Committees.

  9. Jan says:

    I am delighted this action is taking place and people are standing up to the Government uncaring attitude to vulnerable people in society.

    I do hope the Government WILL do more and see that the people get the care deserved instead of cutting back and affecting society all the time.

  10. Frances Bradley says:

    I am happy to support this action. Carers are one of the biggest unseen groups in our society and do a fantastic and often unrewarding job. We would all be a lot worse off if their ability to help those who are most in need is curtailed purely because of financial reasons.
    I think we should all support this petition.

  11. Alan McDonald says:

    I support Pat 100% with her petition.
    Best Wishes.

  12. RAYMOND CLEGG says:

    It’s about time that this government targeted the more affluent in our society.It’s far easier to take from those who have everything than from those who have very little.They disgust me.

  13. Vikki Williamson says:

    I would like to show my support as a mum of a child that needs extra support and isn’t getting it I feel for Pat, the system is being cut injustly. I hope the government begins to listen to the people who put them in power as we can advise them on what we need not the other way round.


  14. Ruth Hayes says:

    My Trade Union branch – LE785 Unite the Union – supports your campaign. We represent voluntary sector and legal workers and many of them work in Law Centres, CABx and advice centres. We know how hard it is for disabled people and carers to get what they are entitled to and oppose the intention to make cuts in benefits.

  15. david kennedy says:

    I support Pat’s petition 100%

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  18. Liz Baker says:

    I wish to support this petition

  19. our disabled people must be protected from the nastiest goverment i have ever known . the poorest and most vunerable members of society have become cannon fodder for the tories .
    i fully support pats fight back .

  20. amy stuart says:

    i fully support Pat’s petition and am extremely thankful for all the comittment and dedication so many like her have shown in tirelessly fighting these cuts and changes.I feel sure all these reforms must contravene the human rights european charter as the effects are to remove equality of opportunity and to discriminate ,harass and bully people who are ill,in pain,have disabilities and medical conditions to the dtriment of their physical and mental health.Also these reforms affect childrens health.My son who is a young carer has developed stress related conditions and asthma and is as terrified as me by the brown envelopes.He has no stability and we can’t plan anything anymore.I have been suicidal regularly because pf pressure and pain.the combination is too much.It is an agenda of cruelty which is undoubtedly causing suffering and death.

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