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The onslaught continues – sign Pat’s Petition

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Sign Pat’s petition here.  

Conservative conference is underway and by the hour we are hearing statements and interviews from government ministers regarding welfare reform and cuts. See links below

 It is even more vital now that we have all these issues debated in parliament.

Will Pat’s Petition achieve 100,000 by Nov 1st? We believe it will if we all push it forward as wide as possible.

The petition has reached over 50,000 signatures – quite incredible for this small group of unfunded friends with no large organisations behind them. But we need to reach 100,000 by the deadline at the end of the month.

As Pat says –  “That can sound quite daunting, but other petitions have done it. Anne Williams last year got 40,000 signatures on the very last day for her petition about her son Kevin who died at Hillsborough. Richard Branson had his support within a week. And the cuddly badgers achieved their target in weeks. If only people would support disabled people in the same way.”


link to Youtube video, click here –       Pat’s Petition


The group are asking people to be quick about taking actions:

Sign the petition at

Check junk boxes for activation emails.

Share the petition link by e-newsletters, facebook, twitter – get to places where people are already online

Add to blogs, write letters to media and your MP

If you are attending A Future that Works Oct 20th march ensure the petition details are shared with fellow marchers

Grassroots groups have been extremely supportive and we ask you to give this a final push.

Campaign teams from charities to come on board and raise awareness to your memberships. Time is running out so you need do this quickly.





1. David Cameron on Andrew Marr show

Q: Nick Clegg said there would be more austerity after 2015. Was he right?

Yes, says Cameron. The cuts will have to be decided before the election. The government will have to look at things like welfare

2. Iain Duncan Smith Guardian 19.26 pm

“This quote is from 19:26 Sunday –

“A delegate asks Duncan Smith if he could cut more from the welfare budget, saying that would be very popular with the public.

IDS says he’s cut more than any other secretary of state – £18bn – but these are “difficult” times.

Once he has reformed welfare, everyone will be able to recognise that those who are on benefits are genuine claimants, he says, and not scroungers.”

3. George Osborne plans to cut another £10bn from welfare budget





Will today come to represent a day in British history on Welfare Reform

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

For centuries history books have recorded many battles, and yet for us none can be as important as the one we face today.

The Welfare reform Bill  is nearing its final stages in the Lords and it has been extraordinary these last few months seeing everyone come together to highlight opposition to the bill.

Last night we learned that Baroness Grey Thompson will table a new amendment asking for a pilot scheme to be put in place ahead of any changes made to Disability Living Allowance. Clause 80 can be read here  

For those wanting to watch the proceedings you can do so here  ( approx 3pm )

Voices are being raised daily,  saying Coalition must think again regarding these proposed changes to disability benefits.

To date 21,489 people have signed the petition I submitted on the governments website.

If you have not already done so I ask that you join us by signing here

Share with  family, friends, contacts, groups and tell them to do the same.

This could be Welfares last stand,  and it is one for which we need a united front.

This morning the Candle of Hope still shines brightly and with members in the House of Lords battling on our behalf,  long may it stay lit.

Last but not least, keep a watchful eye on our backdoors.

With all the coverage re Disability Benefits, we need ensure nothing untoward is being rushed through by stealth. There are so many proposals, many that will affect our lives, and it is vital we do not take our eye off the ball so to speak.

Any possible reprieve today will be a great victory for everyone but the war itself will not be won. Our campaigning will need continue.

Pat x


Opposition to Benefit Reform Kept Hidden by the Government

Monday, January 9th, 2012

The authors of a new report, Responsible Reform, published today have studied the submissions to the DLA consultation and reveal evidence that the consultation for DLA did not meet the Government’s own Code of Practice. They also reveal that only 7% of the respondents to the consultation, supported it fully. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, produced one of over 450 responses, detailing objections to the proposed changes. Yet the government didn’t publish the submissions and went ahead any way.

You can find full details on Sue Marshs’ blog here  and Kaliya Franklins blog plus Guardian article here 

Pat Onions of Pat’s Petition  supports this report and says –

“there has been a wall of silence from all the political parties over the way disabled people, those with ill health and their carers, are being treated. I am delighted that Boris has had the courage to break with the others and stand up and speak up.”

She continued

“Community groups have been suspicious of consultations for years. We have always had a gut reaction that they make their minds up before these consultations. This report shows we were right.”

Pat described her worry that there are further threats to disabled people and carers,

“All the cuts and changes coming together have made a perfect storm. Disability Living Allowance is one part of this and the report authors are quite right to ask for a pause, to think it out properly, before visiting it on vulnerable people. This is exactly what is asked for in my petition”

Please sign petition here and ask as many

family, friends, contacts, groups/charities to

do the same .

Share the link on social media sites

United we stand, divided we fall



CPAG spreads word of Pat’s petition in their newsletter

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

We’re supporting Pat’s petition – will you? Pat, who is blind and is also a carer, set up an e-petition asking the Government to “stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”.

Please sign the petition and tell your friends

see CPAG November newsletter in full here

Making Space supports Pat’s Petition

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Dear Hayley,

Further to your email below, Elaine has asked me to let you know that Making Space will support Pat’s Petition and that Cath will be dealing with it in terms of the blog.

Many thanks,

Kind regards,

Madeleine  Making Space


Pat says “Our voices will be heard”

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Received from Pat

Since its launch in early November, Pat’s petition  has reached out to thousands of disabled people, carers and friends. Magnificent backing has come from all walks of life including charitable organisations, voluntary groups and my own MP!

Far and wide it finds members of the public who care enough and want to help. It is going from strength to strength as more hear about it and want to sign. The offers of support from MIND, Disability Alliance, RNIB, RADAR and so many more, has been truly amazing. Their newsletters will be heard and seen by tens of thousands.


Benefits and Work support Pat’s Petition

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011


“Benefits and Work is very happy to support Pat Onion’s petition. We oppose both the ruthless destruction of disability and incapacity benefits and the ugly alliance of wealthy politicians and cynical journalists in a campaign of defamation and hatred against sick and disabled claimants. Carers like Pat and veterans like David should be celebrated and supported by a grateful country, not forced to fight for every scrap of income and care they receive.

We will be publicising the petition in our next newsletter and on our website.”

Best regards,


Steve Donnison