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It’s YOUR petition – reach out to others who can help raise awareness

Thursday, January 5th, 2012


New Year’s Eve in the Pat’s Petition camp was verging on melt down. A significant milestone, of 10,000 signatures, suddenly seemed within our sights. Numbers, which, for a few days, had been gently rising, took on a life of their own. Frantic emails. Quickly “sign”  “tell everyone” ” Twitter it quickly” it’s only 120 short no it’s 79 oh 50, 19, 3…It hovered between 9,997 and 10,000 for what seemed an eternity. The virtual atmosphere was electric. Someone was ready with the cold flannels if anyone fainted. Yes! Yes! Yes! The cry went up – we had made it and it was still climbing. My hard working team, but most of all YOU.

Many of you are worried about signing on this government e-petition site. Fear of leaving your name that would identify you as wanting to show your support against this tyranny. Actually they aren’t interested, but the law says that, even with a written petition, you must leave an address. I have signed it and you know who I am. If they so wanted to, it will be me they find long before any of you.

Signatures have come in ones, twos, tens and hundreds. From everywhere imaginable. Little groups, big groups. Small charities and big voluntary units – but mainly they have come from YOU – disabled people, carers and your families. You know if you’ve signed so thank you. You know if you haven’t. Tut tut, there are no excuses.

So into 2012 and we have a long way to go. The press are already knocking on my door, but I have a few mince pies and some turkey soup to finish first. I’ll be ready with our aims and objectives, plus a cuppa and custard cream for them. That’s an optional extra.

Pat’s Petition has been featured on many blogs, web sites, Facebooks and Twitters. It has been talked about in the pubs, on buses, trains and in board rooms. It has even reached the corridors of Holyrood and Westminster. So it should. It is really the People’s Petition and you are the people it will affect.

My message to all of them is – it should not just be looking at the financial costit is the human cost, which is by far the more important.

Now it is time to reach out to all those newsletter owners. Don’t be shy, tell them – “share it with your members” – no good being coy. It is disabled people, their carers and families whose lives are being destroyed.

If you are someone who gets a newsletter and haven’t spotted Pat’s PetitionSHOUT and ask where is it?  Tell them no one knows what tomorrow will bring. If they don’t act now there won’t be any tomorrows or safety net to catch those who fall.

Our chorus of protesting voices is growing. How loud do we have to get before we see true compassion, and duty of care.

Pat x

You can find further information on the links below:


Bishop of Oxford helps raise awareness of Pat’s Petition

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Dear Mrs ******,

Thank you very much for drawing my attention to Pat’s Petition.  I am drawing it to the attention of 1500 church leaders who receive a weekly email bulletin from Oxford Diocese and I hope there might be some real response from that quarter.  You are right that a society must be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable members.

With all good wishes

Yours sincerely


Christine Lodge
Personal Assistant to the Bishop of Oxford