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Are you prepared for journalists or film makers to tell your story?

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

+ Are you disabled or a carer?

+ Have you been affected by the perfect storm of cuts to benefits and services?

+ Are you prepared for journalists or film makers to tell your story?
Then CarerWatch and Pat’s Petition invite you to register for Pat’s List.

If this is something you would like to do – then please tell your story here   – use any name you like.

You can ask for your real identity to be kept private.

We won’t give your contact details to any one. But we may contact you with details of journalists and film makers who would like to talk to you.

Then you can contact them if you want to tell your story.

Also sign Pats Petition here , then share the link with as many people as possible asking them to do the same.



Work Capability Assessments and Cabinet reshuffles

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Report later

The government has been criticised by MPs over the “disastrous” role of the private firm Atos in carrying out fit-to-work assessments  – watch here   –

Tom Greatrex MP – Thousands of sick and disabled people face months of worry over this sorry test – see here


Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle: the full list of moves

Jeremy Hunt takes over from Andrew Lansley

Norman Lamb replaces Paul Burstow – Norman Lamb as Minister of State at Department of Health

Esther McVey as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Work and Pensions

Anna Soubry as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Department of Health

Daniel Poulter as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Department of Health


Please sign Pats Petition here  and then as wide as possible asking others to do the same.


Pat’s Petition – Urgent Call for Action

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012


We have now reached the last two months for the epetition ( sign here ) and now, more than ever, we need your support.

Charities like Disability Rights UK, Carers Trust and Carers UK have added our flyer to their newsletters, and grassroots organisations including Disabled People Against Cuts, Spartacus, Act Now for Autism and many more  have promoted it.

You may already have done this in previous months. But can I ask you to repeat it?

Send it to your contacts, media organisations, charities, trade unions and local community organisations, anyone who can send it on further. Don’t worry about duplicating the message – they need to know we all want this to succeed.

With the Paralympics and the week of ATOS protests, as well as the recent TV programmes about the Work Capability Assessment, we can see that people are becoming more aware of the perfect storm that lies ahead. But we do not have much time to get this petition to 100,000.  Virgin Trains achieved their target within one week. The changes impacting on disabled people will affect far more people.

Now is the time to act.

I have copied the text of our flyer below – please use it and edit it to suit your situation. We recommend making sure you include the epetition link to make it easy for people to sign.

If you need more information, or want a formatted version of the flyer, please do just get in touch.

Thank you, Pat x


Pat’s Petition



Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services, which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families

The petition is just one of many actions being taken by disabled people and their supporters. The idea is to get a debate in parliament. To force those dismantling our public services, rights and entitlements, to account for themselves. There is no illusion that the petition will stop anything by itself. But every small action joins with other actions, so that together they can make a difference.

A small group of volunteers has got this to over 44,000 signatures. Now we need to get it to 100,000 by November 1st.

Together WE can do this.

So please sign, and as important, send on to friends and colleagues. Add to e-newsletters, blogs, and social media platforms – spread the word.

Further information here – Pat’s Petition 

 Contact Pat –


       Download a copy here   –    Call to Action sept 2nd




‘Smalls’ and their tantrums

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

The BBC news presenter was half way through the story of ‘benefit caps’ when I turned the television on. It nearly went straight off again as I thought –  here we go again.  What are we being accused of now? I stayed to listen – perhaps it would have a happy ending?

Mr Duncan Smith told me ‘ministers were determined to get HIS reforms through Parliament.’ It was so like a small child, going through that stage of grabbing whatever they want, and shrieking ‘MINE.’  You can not reason with them – cannot explain they can’t just take what they want. Try doing that and they will throw themselves on the floor having a screaming tantrum.

Smalls have no concept that their actions will hurt and upset others. This is a life skill they’ll learn as they grow into adulthood. Learn that they can not automatically take things as and when they want.

Somewhere through his life Mr DS never quite grasped those skills

The Minister went on to tell me that it was ‘important that taxpayers saw the system as fair.’ Ah so that’s it. Fair. He wants it to be fair. Well not really fair to those it most affects, but tax payers. A very noble breed of upright, honest citizens. Hang on a moment. Every man, woman and child, who, from the moment they get their first few pounds of pocket money become a tax payer.

But I don’t think he really means everyone. He means that even rarer breed who are lucky to have jobs. Now he is making sense. He wants any benefit to be a stop gap until you get up off your idle, scrounging backside and get one of those mythical jobs. If you choose not to join the ’round the block and over the hill’ queue outside the job centre you will be punished. You will have no money in your pocket. Money which is just loose change to a man who tells you the system must be fair. 

So not a happy ending to this news item. It joins the very long list of Welfare Reforms Mr DS is grabbing from those, he thinks, are least able to defend themselves. Wrong. We are not giving in to your tantrums.

Please sign my petition which is for all of us. Share it as wide as possible. Our numbers are growing, our voices growing louder.

Set yourself a target of getting at least 5 others to sign and for them to do the same.

Pat x