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Meeting with Liam Byrne to be arranged

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Recently we asked for your support regarding an open letter sent to Liam Byrne, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, in which we requested a debate in parliament regarding a Cumulative Impact Assessment of all the changes happening to benefits, all at the same time.

We have received a reply from Liam Byrne to our request. He has invited us to meet with him to disccuss it further. This is great news.

The logistics of getting 3 or 4 of us to London will prove an ‘interesting’ challenge!

So – Pat and Liam will discuss this further over the phone tomorrow ( Mon 3rd Dec 2012).


We will keep you posted of details once confirmed. In the meantime please still contact him and/or your own MP. Inform them how you are being affected by these changes now, and also your fears for the times ahead.

Thank you

Pat  x



Pat goes to Manchester – Labour Conference

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

I was so pleased last night to hear that MPs Anne McGuire and Liam Byrne have acknowledged that the WCA is not working. Reports in the Guardian  suggest that they have clear enough evidence of the impact of the changes.

I hope they are looking at the cumulative impact – the impact of welfare reform at the same time as NHS reform and cuts to local authority budgets, but I am heartened that they are now acknowledging “We believe that this government is forcing disabled people to pay for its economic mistakes.”

On Sunday Karen and I are off to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester where we look forward to hearing more about this.

We’re aiming to publicise the petition so that the Labour Party knows that nearly 50,000 people have signed asking for a pause – to stop and review the changes.

But what should we do while we’re there? If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please do leave them in the comments below. And we’ll try to keep tweeting from @patspetition if you’re a twitterer.

While we’re away, please keep signing and sharing the petition link. Now more than ever we have to show all Parties the size of the disability voices.

Pat x.

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