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MIND supports the call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013



For the last couple of years, the issue of welfare reform has consistently been an important issue for people with mental health problems. Mind has called for changes to the Work Capability Assessment but the pace of reform has been too slow, meanwhile tens of thousands of people are being reassessed using a test which is still not fit for purpose. We hear from many people who tell us that changes to the welfare system are adversely affecting their mental health, and that the demonisation of disabled people claiming welfare benefits in the media only serves to compound the stress and anxiety they experience. We support the need for a cumulative impact assessment to reveal the true extent of these reforms on the hardest hit in society.

Paul Spencer

Parliamentary Officer



The onslaught continues – sign Pat’s Petition

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Sign Pat’s petition here.  

Conservative conference is underway and by the hour we are hearing statements and interviews from government ministers regarding welfare reform and cuts. See links below

 It is even more vital now that we have all these issues debated in parliament.

Will Pat’s Petition achieve 100,000 by Nov 1st? We believe it will if we all push it forward as wide as possible.

The petition has reached over 50,000 signatures – quite incredible for this small group of unfunded friends with no large organisations behind them. But we need to reach 100,000 by the deadline at the end of the month.

As Pat says –  “That can sound quite daunting, but other petitions have done it. Anne Williams last year got 40,000 signatures on the very last day for her petition about her son Kevin who died at Hillsborough. Richard Branson had his support within a week. And the cuddly badgers achieved their target in weeks. If only people would support disabled people in the same way.”


link to Youtube video, click here –       Pat’s Petition


The group are asking people to be quick about taking actions:

Sign the petition at

Check junk boxes for activation emails.

Share the petition link by e-newsletters, facebook, twitter – get to places where people are already online

Add to blogs, write letters to media and your MP

If you are attending A Future that Works Oct 20th march ensure the petition details are shared with fellow marchers

Grassroots groups have been extremely supportive and we ask you to give this a final push.

Campaign teams from charities to come on board and raise awareness to your memberships. Time is running out so you need do this quickly.





1. David Cameron on Andrew Marr show

Q: Nick Clegg said there would be more austerity after 2015. Was he right?

Yes, says Cameron. The cuts will have to be decided before the election. The government will have to look at things like welfare

2. Iain Duncan Smith Guardian 19.26 pm

“This quote is from 19:26 Sunday –

“A delegate asks Duncan Smith if he could cut more from the welfare budget, saying that would be very popular with the public.

IDS says he’s cut more than any other secretary of state – £18bn – but these are “difficult” times.

Once he has reformed welfare, everyone will be able to recognise that those who are on benefits are genuine claimants, he says, and not scroungers.”

3. George Osborne plans to cut another £10bn from welfare budget





Pat’s Petition supports Paul Farmer of MIND 100%

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

 Pat’s Petition  supports Paul Farmer of MIND 100% in walking away from the  WCA review.

According to Chris Grayling the disability charities are asking for a  Judicial Review and that the WCA tests will be paused while this takes place, and  we urge the charities to proceed with this as fast as possible.
Pat’s Petition  is asking for just such a pause. The petition is now number  11 out of 11,000 e-petitions. Support the charities in getting a Judicial  Review. Add the link to Pat’s Petition to all your posts and ask people to share  and use the share button on the petition

Why should we all support Pat’s Petition

Monday, November 28th, 2011

guest post

Why should we all be supporting  Pat’s Petiton?

The answer lies within ourselves, and depends on the future we want, not just for ourselves, our children, our country, but also our politics, especially our politics.

For some time now the word ‘politician’ is seen in such deragatory terms. There is no faith, trust, hope or belief among many of the public. They are under constant attack by ‘politicians’ who show no understanding of their daily lives.

Make no mistake, this is not reform of the benefit/social care systems but a contant persecution of many disabled people, carers and their families. If this was truly the ‘biggest shakeup’ of the welfare system in over 60 yrs, the level of Carers Allowance would have been addressed. Even after this so called ‘reform’, it will remain the LOWEST of all the benefits, when those in receipt are among those who contribute the most.

Is reform needed – Yes, but not cuts like is being brought forth, ones that are so fast, so deep, they will create a crisis far worse than any banking one. Without coming across as too dramatic the cost will be immense, but one paid with the loss of lives not money. By taking away money that enables many disabled people to retain their independence, to enable many of them to work, where can their extra costs be transferred to. Over stretched local authorities wont be able to pick these costs up.

Qualifying for disability benefits is extremely hard now, fraud rate is so minimal compared to other benefits, yet govt are targetting disabled people more than any other group. They allow, and also contribute to, the many ‘scrounger’ stories in media. This has to stop.

Each and every one of us has a duty to protect those unable to do so themselves.

For disabled people who are able to raise their voices, we must ensure our ears are open to their messages. Having taken part in 2 of the Hardest Hit protests this year, there can be no doubt of the message being relayed.

When you have grassroot groups forming alliances , when you have big groups/charities organising Hardest Hit events, when you have media articles daily all saying the same thing….STOP. Surely that tells you how wrong some of these policies are.

We know what Pat Onions  is doing. Now it remains to be seen….


Doing nothing is not an option


National Housing Federation pleased to support Pats petition

Monday, November 21st, 2011


The National Housing Federation is pleased to support Pat’s Petition to protect services for disabled and vulnerable people.

The Federation’s own ‘Support matters’ campaign has been highlighting the impact of cuts to housing-related support services and the effect this has on the lives of real people. Politicians, councils and service providers need to work together to make sure those people are not forgotten as budgets get squeezed.


Best wishes


William Summers
Campaigns Officer
National Housing Federation

Pat says “Our voices will be heard”

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Received from Pat

Since its launch in early November, Pat’s petition  has reached out to thousands of disabled people, carers and friends. Magnificent backing has come from all walks of life including charitable organisations, voluntary groups and my own MP!

Far and wide it finds members of the public who care enough and want to help. It is going from strength to strength as more hear about it and want to sign. The offers of support from MIND, Disability Alliance, RNIB, RADAR and so many more, has been truly amazing. Their newsletters will be heard and seen by tens of thousands.


National Family Carer Network spread the word about Pat’s Petition

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

I’m pleased to say this will go out in next week’s bulletin.
Sally Madagan
Admin Asst
National Family Carer Network



MIND agrees with Pat’s Petition

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Mind is very concerned that the welfare system, which already struggles to effectively support people with mental health problems, will be made even worse by the package of reforms and cuts that the Government has announced. We want to see a system that understands and supports people with mental health problems, rather than simply trying to pressure people back to work as fast as possible.

We agree with Pat that the Government should review the impact of all the changes and cuts that they are introducing in order to understand the devastating impact they could have on disabled people.

Vicki Nash, Head of Policy & Campaigns