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Why I support Pat’s Petition

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Guest post by Anne Halligan

I have been diagnosed with a long term mental illness. I am a member of Rethink Mental Illness. I am sick of the persecution of disabled people by the government, the media and the general public. Disability discrimination appears to be the last acceptable prejudice. It is enough trying to cope with my illness day to day without any additional pressure.

The government’s official line is that they will protect the most vulnerable people from the cuts to benefits and services and the press and public’s perception is that “if you are genuinely ill, then you will be okay”. But this is not the case at all. The reality is that people who are not going to get better and be fit for work are to lose their ESA now after only one year. It does not matter that they will not be well enough.

At the same time public services are discharging disabled people who have been reliant on their help for years, and charities for disabled people are struggling due to lack of funding. The cuts affect every single disabled person and have a knock-on effect on their, often elderly, carers. All that matters to the government is the short term saving of money at the expense of peoples’ lives. And if we don’t do something now, the situation will only get worse, and then it will be too late. If you are not a disabled person or a carer, you do not know what the future may bring, and by then it will be too late as there will be no safety net for you.

This is why I support Pat Onions. She needs everyone to make a stand by signing her epetition!

Please show the government that you care about disabled people and sign Pat’s petition now!

Rethink Mental Illness support Pat’s Petition

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
At Rethink Mental Illness we have been inundated with calls, emails and letters from our members who are terrified about the impact changes to the benefits system will have on them and their families. More than 87% of people with a mental illness have told us that they found their assessment to work stressful and 80% said the test has made their mental health worse. People with mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, are being put through an extremely stressful assessment process that the Government itself admits is deeply flawed. This has to change.
These moves are coinciding with cuts to health, social care, housing and legal aid support, removing the very lifelines that some of society’s most unwell depend upon. Please sign Pat’s petition and add your voice to the disability sector’s campaign to challenge these cuts. Time is running out.
Victoria Bleazard
Associate Director for Policy, Research and Activism
Rethink Mental Illness
Please sign Pats Petition here and ask friends and family to do the same