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Look what happened on New Years Eve

Sunday, January 1st, 2012


Happy New Year to each and every one of you. It was a hectic time last night for my little team and me as we realised that our first  10,000 milestone was in sight. How amazing for that to happen as we brought the year to a close. It certainly gave us something to celebrate!

We got more excited as we realised that our team is now all 10,000 of those signatures. And if every one of these first 10,000 supporters each got just 10 friends to sign, we would have reached the 100,000 that we need. And that’s possible isn’t it – it’s realistic. That is something to celebrate.

So, let’s take this one step at a time.

For a brilliant start to the New Year, please can you get just 3 more signatures for the petition? I’ve found it helps to ask people who already have an email address – as you know, it doesn’t take long to sign if you’re already set up.

Please can you email or face book three people and ask them to sign up?

Send them the link to this letter or directly to the petition site.  Tell them why it’s important to you that they sign it. Let them know how easy it is. Remind them to check their email for the confirmation message that they’ll need to answer.

Please do that for me – for a Happy New Year

Pat x

You can find further information on the links below

On twitter

Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass signs Pats Petition

Monday, December 12th, 2011

When there are no jobs, and services are being cut to the bone, why is the government targeting disabled people, those with ill health and their carers/families, rather than the bankers who caused the crisis?

A test of a good society is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. We are failing the test.

I have signed Pats petition  and I urge everyone to do the same. Tell the government to stop these unnecessary and damaging reforms.

 Neal Lawson

Chair of Compass

Please support Pats Petition here and ask friends and family to do the same

MacMillan help raise awareness of Pat’s petition

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Hi Pat

Thanks for your message – and for your kind words about Macmillan. Our next campaigns newsletter isn’t due to be sent out until well into the New Year, but our campaigns blog does get emailed out to our supporters so I’ll definitely make sure Pat’s petition gets a mention in December. I will of course let you know once it’s published.

Very best wishes


The Quiet Terror

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

From Pat

“An event occurred that altered human life. It has blinded virtually everyone and rendered human kind helpless.”

Powerful words about a science fiction book written 60 years ago. The event which happened was known in the book as the ‘quiet terror.’

It is powerful enough to make Pat’s petition even more determined to continue its message against the tyranny of the government.

The book may be fiction but there is nothing fictitious about the cruel reality of what we are facing. Each day another horror story comes to light  -  mercilessly trying to crush the very life out of us.

Pat’s petition grows which gives me enormous encouragement to drive it ever onwards and upwards. To get so much support from people signing is amazing as they have come from all walks of life. Daily emails and ‘phone calls show the strength of feelings against these cuts. Stories of untold misery at this time of year.

In a little over 2 weeks it will be Christmas. A time of joy, happiness and giving to others. For those disabled people , their carers and families there will be little joy or happiness but they will still give. They will invent ways, if they have to, to reach out to each other and spread the words of Pat’s petition. Every one of their signatures will bring that 100,000 closer.

The ‘team’ has continued to give their time and energy into campaigning our message. To them, and all who have signed and will do so in the future – I thank you one and all.

Where injustice becomes law – resistance becomes necessary.

 Pat x

Please sign Pat’s Petition
Who is Pat


False Economy help raise awareness of Pat’s Petition

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011



With many thanks to False Economy for helping raise awareness of Pat’s Petition

Please sign Pats Petition here and share with as many people/groups as possible

Bishop of Oxford helps raise awareness of Pat’s Petition

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Dear Mrs ******,

Thank you very much for drawing my attention to Pat’s Petition.  I am drawing it to the attention of 1500 church leaders who receive a weekly email bulletin from Oxford Diocese and I hope there might be some real response from that quarter.  You are right that a society must be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable members.

With all good wishes

Yours sincerely


Christine Lodge
Personal Assistant to the Bishop of Oxford

Why should we all support Pat’s Petition

Monday, November 28th, 2011

guest post

Why should we all be supporting  Pat’s Petiton?

The answer lies within ourselves, and depends on the future we want, not just for ourselves, our children, our country, but also our politics, especially our politics.

For some time now the word ‘politician’ is seen in such deragatory terms. There is no faith, trust, hope or belief among many of the public. They are under constant attack by ‘politicians’ who show no understanding of their daily lives.

Make no mistake, this is not reform of the benefit/social care systems but a contant persecution of many disabled people, carers and their families. If this was truly the ‘biggest shakeup’ of the welfare system in over 60 yrs, the level of Carers Allowance would have been addressed. Even after this so called ‘reform’, it will remain the LOWEST of all the benefits, when those in receipt are among those who contribute the most.

Is reform needed – Yes, but not cuts like is being brought forth, ones that are so fast, so deep, they will create a crisis far worse than any banking one. Without coming across as too dramatic the cost will be immense, but one paid with the loss of lives not money. By taking away money that enables many disabled people to retain their independence, to enable many of them to work, where can their extra costs be transferred to. Over stretched local authorities wont be able to pick these costs up.

Qualifying for disability benefits is extremely hard now, fraud rate is so minimal compared to other benefits, yet govt are targetting disabled people more than any other group. They allow, and also contribute to, the many ‘scrounger’ stories in media. This has to stop.

Each and every one of us has a duty to protect those unable to do so themselves.

For disabled people who are able to raise their voices, we must ensure our ears are open to their messages. Having taken part in 2 of the Hardest Hit protests this year, there can be no doubt of the message being relayed.

When you have grassroot groups forming alliances , when you have big groups/charities organising Hardest Hit events, when you have media articles daily all saying the same thing….STOP. Surely that tells you how wrong some of these policies are.

We know what Pat Onions  is doing. Now it remains to be seen….


Doing nothing is not an option


Scope to promote Pat’s Petition to their networks

Monday, November 28th, 2011
Thanks for flagging Pat’s petition – we know that welfare reform is something disabled people feel really strongly about – we do too, and we’re working hard to get the Bill amended in the Lords at the moment.
We will be promoting Pat’s petition to our networks as we know that many disabled people will want to add their voices to Pat’s in speaking out against these proposals.
“Scope encourages anyone who is concerned about the effects on disabled people, their carers and their families, of cuts to benefits and services to sign Pat’s Petition.”
All the very best 
Ruth Scott
Director of Policy and Campaigns

Please sign Pats Petition and share the link with as many other people/groups that you can.

NSun help spread the word re Pat’s Petition

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Pat thanks NSun  for including her petition details in their newsletter

You can read it here

Please sign Pats Petition here and share the link

CPAG spreads word of Pat’s petition in their newsletter

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

We’re supporting Pat’s petition – will you? Pat, who is blind and is also a carer, set up an e-petition asking the Government to “stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”.

Please sign the petition and tell your friends

see CPAG November newsletter in full here