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Scope CEO supports the call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


Richard Hawkes, CEO of Scope has written a piece for the New Statesmen describing the challenges ahead around disability and welfare reform. We recommend you read it.

Richard has always supported the call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment. He said to us –

“A Cumulative Impact Assessment may be difficult but it is essential. We should not be experimenting with people’s lives.  The government needs to look at the bigger picture of the changes made by all its departments and understand the combined impact of these. I hope that Pat and her supporters at Pat’s Petition can have a productive discussion with Liam Byrne to get Labour party support for an assessment.”



False Economy help raise awareness of Pat’s Petition

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011



With many thanks to False Economy for helping raise awareness of Pat’s Petition

Please sign Pats Petition here and share with as many people/groups as possible

Scope to promote Pat’s Petition to their networks

Monday, November 28th, 2011
Thanks for flagging Pat’s petition – we know that welfare reform is something disabled people feel really strongly about – we do too, and we’re working hard to get the Bill amended in the Lords at the moment.
We will be promoting Pat’s petition to our networks as we know that many disabled people will want to add their voices to Pat’s in speaking out against these proposals.
“Scope encourages anyone who is concerned about the effects on disabled people, their carers and their families, of cuts to benefits and services to sign Pat’s Petition.”
All the very best 
Ruth Scott
Director of Policy and Campaigns

Please sign Pats Petition and share the link with as many other people/groups that you can.