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Are you one of the 3 or one of the 37 – Experiment 18

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

.Thanks to Ian for this

Why are politicians from all three main parties, and the public, going along with Welfare Reforms when they can the see how unfair the reforms are and how much pain they are causing disabled people.

This experiment  showed that 37 out of 40 people would carry out the instructions of someone in authority even if they knew it would hurt someone. Please don’t be one of the 37 who go along with authority.
Be one of the 3 who have the courage to say NO.
Pat’s petition  is now number 11 out of 11,000 e-petitions. Please help Pat get to the top.
Can you add the link to Pat’s Petition to all your Face Book posts and ask people to share and use the share button on the petition
.Link to be shared –

Ask US what we want and LISTEN

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Pat writes…..
 When I lost my sight in 1984 there was little if any support for us. You sank or swam. Together with a folding white cane, free only in a very few local authority areas, I launched myself into my new, unrecognisable world. The simplest of tasks were, and still are, impossible.Washing machine settings – to boil socks or not?. Housework – polish or air freshener? Toothpaste or hand cream? Shampoo or bubble bath? Beans or dog food on toast? All this before even venturing into the outside. The list is endless. The worse thing for me, and so many others, though is literacy. Without sight you can neither read nor write. No matter how many hand held magnifiers you have – you are still illiterate.The best for me was a ‘liquid level indicator.’ You put it in your mug and it vibrates when the boiling liquid reaches a certain level. The fact you have no idea where to pour the liquid seems immaterial to its designers. I found it works equally well when pouring gin with the only downside being no room for the tonic. My friends love coming here.



Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

On Wednesday 1st Feb 2012 the government is planning to reverse the Lords amendments on welfare reform

Sign Pat’s Petition here before Wednesday to show MPs they can’t do this

Don’t just be a signer — be an organizer. Turn your signature into hundreds more by asking your friends to sign. Then they’ll ask their friends. That’s how we win.

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Pats Petition goes past 11,000

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Sue Marsh, whom along with others,  produced the new report  Responsible Reform, that created so much interest today, is asking for an Adjournment Debate on the Welfare Reform Bill, to delay it for six months for reflection.

Any one who supports this idea –  sign Pat’s Petiton  and get others to sign

Reading Voluntary Action

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

RVA is publicising Pat’s Petition having heard about it from colleagues in the North Yorks Voluntary Sector Forum. Our online directory of news and events for the voluntary sector in Reading gets over 250,000 visitors a year and around 800 local voluntary sector and stakeholder contacts take RVA’s weekly ebulletin, so we are happy to use these channels to broaden awareness of national issues that will inevitably have a local impact.

Whatever people’s views about the current economic approach in general, there is an important specific debate to be had around the acute challenges faced by carers and the cared-for. We want to make our audience aware of Pat’s Petition so that they can decide if this is something they want to get involved in.”

Hazel Broad, Deputy Director at Reading Voluntary Action (RVA)

It’s YOUR petition – reach out to others who can help raise awareness

Thursday, January 5th, 2012


New Year’s Eve in the Pat’s Petition camp was verging on melt down. A significant milestone, of 10,000 signatures, suddenly seemed within our sights. Numbers, which, for a few days, had been gently rising, took on a life of their own. Frantic emails. Quickly “sign”  “tell everyone” ” Twitter it quickly” it’s only 120 short no it’s 79 oh 50, 19, 3…It hovered between 9,997 and 10,000 for what seemed an eternity. The virtual atmosphere was electric. Someone was ready with the cold flannels if anyone fainted. Yes! Yes! Yes! The cry went up – we had made it and it was still climbing. My hard working team, but most of all YOU.

Many of you are worried about signing on this government e-petition site. Fear of leaving your name that would identify you as wanting to show your support against this tyranny. Actually they aren’t interested, but the law says that, even with a written petition, you must leave an address. I have signed it and you know who I am. If they so wanted to, it will be me they find long before any of you.

Signatures have come in ones, twos, tens and hundreds. From everywhere imaginable. Little groups, big groups. Small charities and big voluntary units – but mainly they have come from YOU – disabled people, carers and your families. You know if you’ve signed so thank you. You know if you haven’t. Tut tut, there are no excuses.

So into 2012 and we have a long way to go. The press are already knocking on my door, but I have a few mince pies and some turkey soup to finish first. I’ll be ready with our aims and objectives, plus a cuppa and custard cream for them. That’s an optional extra.

Pat’s Petition has been featured on many blogs, web sites, Facebooks and Twitters. It has been talked about in the pubs, on buses, trains and in board rooms. It has even reached the corridors of Holyrood and Westminster. So it should. It is really the People’s Petition and you are the people it will affect.

My message to all of them is – it should not just be looking at the financial costit is the human cost, which is by far the more important.

Now it is time to reach out to all those newsletter owners. Don’t be shy, tell them – “share it with your members” – no good being coy. It is disabled people, their carers and families whose lives are being destroyed.

If you are someone who gets a newsletter and haven’t spotted Pat’s PetitionSHOUT and ask where is it?  Tell them no one knows what tomorrow will bring. If they don’t act now there won’t be any tomorrows or safety net to catch those who fall.

Our chorus of protesting voices is growing. How loud do we have to get before we see true compassion, and duty of care.

Pat x

You can find further information on the links below:


Look what happened on New Years Eve

Sunday, January 1st, 2012


Happy New Year to each and every one of you. It was a hectic time last night for my little team and me as we realised that our first  10,000 milestone was in sight. How amazing for that to happen as we brought the year to a close. It certainly gave us something to celebrate!

We got more excited as we realised that our team is now all 10,000 of those signatures. And if every one of these first 10,000 supporters each got just 10 friends to sign, we would have reached the 100,000 that we need. And that’s possible isn’t it – it’s realistic. That is something to celebrate.

So, let’s take this one step at a time.

For a brilliant start to the New Year, please can you get just 3 more signatures for the petition? I’ve found it helps to ask people who already have an email address – as you know, it doesn’t take long to sign if you’re already set up.

Please can you email or face book three people and ask them to sign up?

Send them the link to this letter or directly to the petition site.  Tell them why it’s important to you that they sign it. Let them know how easy it is. Remind them to check their email for the confirmation message that they’ll need to answer.

Please do that for me – for a Happy New Year

Pat x

You can find further information on the links below

On twitter

Dear Santa – from Pat Onions (Pat’s Petition)

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Dear Santa,

I know how busy you are but I have a few ideas I want to run past you. OK?

They’re all to do with Pat’s petition – yeah I thought that was a great idea too. Told all my friends who told their friends and they all signed my petition. Brilliant. That’s what I needed.

I asked some nice people at lots of the charities too. They were well impressed and passed it around on someat called Twitter and put the petition on their sites. That was good and gave the petition publicity but I need more signatures – lots more. Time is against me.

One of my helpers, you call yours Elves don’t you Santa? I like that. Anyway one of my helpers said I should ask some of the Voluntary sector people. They came good and you know what? The numbers shot right up. I could hear the countometer thingy going whoosh it was amazing. Well pleased I was too.

I found little pockets of people in even littler places all wanting to help. It was amazing.

Do you know Santa what was specially magical for me? What can be more fitting at Christmas than some Holy men sending their blessings to us? Even more special is one very very important Holy man who is praying for all of us.

Thank you to them all.

I know you’re very busy Santa but can you help me a little more? Will you tell all these ever so nice people, who made that counter thing go so high, that I will be back in January? Gonna ask again for their help to get right up to them 10’s of thousands. Tell them that time is running out for all of us and ignoring me is not an option.

Will you be sure and tell them I need their votes please Santa?

I’m gonna fight on for all those disabled people, all them carers and their families who love them.

Thank you.

Pat x

 Please sign Pat’s Petition here and ask your family, friends and contacts to do the same.

If you belong to a group/charity that has a newsletter, please ask them to share these details with their members. It is vital we reach as many disabled people, and their families as possible. Time is running out  

Things to do this Christmas

PCS say ‘Action alert – sign Pats Petition’

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Action alert – please sign the petition against cuts being made to the benefits and services of disabled people


An e-petition has been created on the government website calling on the coalition to stop and review the cuts to benefits and services for disabled people.

The petition was created by a woman called Pat Onions, who is herself blind and a carer.

Please sign this petition to protect benefits and services. We need 100,000 signatures to generate a debate in Parliament.

see here    from PCS


MacMillan help raise awareness of Pat’s petition

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Hi Pat

Thanks for your message – and for your kind words about Macmillan. Our next campaigns newsletter isn’t due to be sent out until well into the New Year, but our campaigns blog does get emailed out to our supporters so I’ll definitely make sure Pat’s petition gets a mention in December. I will of course let you know once it’s published.

Very best wishes