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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


What a weekend! We have done an amazing amount of work over these last few days, and amazing to see all our supporters rally round.
At the beginning of last week, no way could we envisage the events of this weekend just gone.
Call for action
On the sunniest weekend of the year, we have been sweltering inside, organising blog posts, booking train tickets, desperately trying to arrange seats to watch the debate inside the House, contacting the many MPs who have been sympathetic to us, finding out about pauper’s picnics and now asking every one of you to make one final push for Pat’s Petition.
You have rallied around. Supportive MPs have now found seats for Pat and Rosemary so that they can be there on this important day.
The debate on Wednesday will be the last chance to get our voices heard in Parliament for some time. MPs will break up for the summer recess and then return, after their Party Conference, in October.
We need to make sure they are all briefed to understand the impact of Government Policies on disabled people and carers.
They need to know we are watching this debate. They have to be aware that they are under scrutiny on this issue.
We need them to vote for a Cumulative Impact Assessment. They have continually said this is impossible and too complicated, and we have answered that they wouldn’t conduct huge experiments with anything else, so why do it on disabled people? We have now heard that “the publication of cumulative impacts is a Coalition initiative” so our hopes are raised that they will now agree that this needs doing for disabled people and carers.
take action
1. Write to your MPs asking for their attendance and that they back this motion. You can find their details here
That this House believes that the Government should publish a cumulative impact assessment of the changes made by this Government that affect disabled people (to be published by October 2013).
2. Use social media to broadcast all messages with the hashtag  #CIADisability
3. Sign and share the link to WOW Petition  
And it is vital that you watch the debate live on the day here
We have learnt an incredible amount by watching debates.
You can see how full or empty the room is!
See if your MP is interested in your issues.
Hear who really understands the challenges faced by disabled people and note who mentions the impact that falls on carers and families too.
And you can join in the twitter conversation at the same time as watching it all.
It will be a historic day for us – we hope you’ll be there too.


Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Pat’s Petition welcome this debate on Wednesday 10th July 2013 regarding ‘The effect of Government Policies on Disabled People.’

Over 62,000 people signed Pat’s Petition calling for this debate.  And 48,905 people have now signed the WOW Petition . Please add your name if not already done so and then share asking as many others to do the same. ( 5 months remaining ).

We, along with many others, have continuously asked the government to conduct a Cumulative Impact Study to assess the cumulative effects of the myriad of changes in policy falling on disabled people and carers. The government refuses on the grounds that this is too difficult. It is totally irresponsible to conduct an enormous experiment like this on disabled people without attempting to predict or measure the effects on disabled people and carers. It wouldn’t be allowed in any kind of building project – so why is it possible to experiment on disabled people without checking that it is safe.

With recess 18th July – 2nd Sept,  followed by Party conferences 13th Sept to 8th October , this will be one of the last opportunities to get disabled peoples’ voices heard for some time.

Here at Pat’s Petition we will be sending briefing papers to MPs from all parties, but it is vital you contact them too.

It is personal stories about how these changes to benefits and services are affecting you and your families, that they need hear. This will help them understand why a Cumulative Impact Assessment is a necessity.


take action


 Actions you can take


1. Write to your MP and ask them to back the motion. Contact your MP   via this link

Here’s the motion in full:


That this House believes that the Government should publish a cumulative impact assessment of the changes made by this Government that affect disabled people (to be published by October 2013).

Ask them to attend and speak on your behalf

2. Watch the debate live on the day using this link

3. Share the information with all your friends, family, work colleagues, local media.


4. Don’t forget to use social media to raise awareness of this Disability debate.

Share the details on Facebook, and if you use Twitter we will be using the hashtag      #CiaDisability


Times are hard for everyone, employment, housing, cost of living – are problems for us all. We are all supposed to be in this together. But disabled people are not in this together because they often have far fewer options.

Support disabled people on Wednesday




Friday, July 5th, 2013

Opposition Day (5th allotted day, 1st Part)



Edward Miliband

Mr Liam Byrne

Hilary Benn

Andy Burnham

Mrs Anne McGuire

Ms Rosie Winterton

That this House believes that the Government should publish, by October 2013, a cumulative impact assessment of the changes made by the Government that affect disabled people.

You will be able to watch live on the day here

Pats Banner

Pat’s Petition

Team PP meeting





We need a Cumulative Impact Assessment. How many warnings will the government ignore?

Monday, October 29th, 2012


How many people have to emphasise the need for a cumulative impact assessment of the changes impacting on disabled people and carers?

As well as all the signatories to Pat’s Petition, the Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Hardest Hit, and Demos –  Anne Begg MP has now asked Esther McVey, (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions),

“will she consider a cumulative impact assessment of all the benefits affecting disabled people?”

describing the lack of an assessment as ‘inexcusable’.

Disabled people know themselves of the impact on their lives of all these changes at once.

How many warnings can the government ignore before this perfect storm becomes a disaster of epic proportions?

Please sign Pat’s petition. check junk box for activation email and then share, share, share.

Time is running out. We have 4 days left


JCHR link

ECHR link

Hardest hit – The Tipping Point


Working-Age Disabled People  25th October Westminster Hall  – Hansard here  2 pages


Pat’s Petition – Urgent Call for Action

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012


We have now reached the last two months for the epetition ( sign here ) and now, more than ever, we need your support.

Charities like Disability Rights UK, Carers Trust and Carers UK have added our flyer to their newsletters, and grassroots organisations including Disabled People Against Cuts, Spartacus, Act Now for Autism and many more  have promoted it.

You may already have done this in previous months. But can I ask you to repeat it?

Send it to your contacts, media organisations, charities, trade unions and local community organisations, anyone who can send it on further. Don’t worry about duplicating the message – they need to know we all want this to succeed.

With the Paralympics and the week of ATOS protests, as well as the recent TV programmes about the Work Capability Assessment, we can see that people are becoming more aware of the perfect storm that lies ahead. But we do not have much time to get this petition to 100,000.  Virgin Trains achieved their target within one week. The changes impacting on disabled people will affect far more people.

Now is the time to act.

I have copied the text of our flyer below – please use it and edit it to suit your situation. We recommend making sure you include the epetition link to make it easy for people to sign.

If you need more information, or want a formatted version of the flyer, please do just get in touch.

Thank you, Pat x


Pat’s Petition



Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services, which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families

The petition is just one of many actions being taken by disabled people and their supporters. The idea is to get a debate in parliament. To force those dismantling our public services, rights and entitlements, to account for themselves. There is no illusion that the petition will stop anything by itself. But every small action joins with other actions, so that together they can make a difference.

A small group of volunteers has got this to over 44,000 signatures. Now we need to get it to 100,000 by November 1st.

Together WE can do this.

So please sign, and as important, send on to friends and colleagues. Add to e-newsletters, blogs, and social media platforms – spread the word.

Further information here – Pat’s Petition 

 Contact Pat –


       Download a copy here   –    Call to Action sept 2nd




Disabled people Against the Cuts – week of protests

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Disabled campaigners have planned a week of protests against Atos to coincide with the start of the Paralympic Games

Debbie Jolly in Guardian

Minute Menu of protest Activites


Atos ­sponsoring the Paralympics when its benefit tests are a sick joke is an insult to disabled people

by Kevin Maguire Daily Mirror

Paralympian stripped of gold in protest against sponsors Atos


Owen Jones: David Cameron praises Paralympians, but his policies will crush them



Add your voice to Pat’s Petition here

Share the link 

and ask as many others to do the same


The Best Birthday Present you can give me – YOUR SUPPORT

Friday, August 17th, 2012
There are a couple of very important dates rushing towards me. Oh yes I will be having a birthday – a big one. It has the numbers 0 and 6 in it and I leave you to put them in the right order. Of course, like so many others of my vintage, I have to wait a few more years util I actually ‘retire’ . That will be my new job description – ‘retired’. Forms where I used to leave blank because there wasn’t a category ‘disabled’ or ‘carer’ will now be completed in the usual way. ‘Retired’.’ On the same day will be my little granddaughter’s 1st birthday.

Hardest Hit event London

As if these 2 occasions weren’t enough yet another birthday awaits me. It will soon be one year since I, and 6 other ladies, joined together to discuss welfare reform and the idea of a petition was raised. Some of us had attended Hardest Hit events but we knew so many others had been unable to attend. This petition was for them and everyone else.
12 months ago my first blog telling you all how (more…)

The storm continues to rage around us

Monday, July 30th, 2012

These are challenging times for everyone, but especially for disabled people and carers. Cuts to benefits and services are coming our way from all directions creating the perfect storm.

Yet when we ask the DWP to carry out a Cumulative Impact Assessment of all these changes taken together Ms Miller refuses on the grounds it is too difficult and prefers to sit back and wait for the car crash. This just isn’t good enough. All new medicines, bridges, and vehicles have to be road-tested.

So how can they go ahead and conduct a live experiment on disabled people and carers without any estimates of what they are doing?

We all need to fight this together. Pat’s Petition needs your signatures. The petition could trigger government debate if we can achieve 100,000 signatures. If we all work together on this, 100,000 signatures for Pat’s Petition should be easily achievable. Because of the 40,000 signatures we have already the government is asking us to plan for a debate but we don’t have much time left to get the remaining signatures.

Dear Mrs Pat Onions

Looks like your e-petition “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families” is gaining momentum.

If you do get to 100,000 signatures you will need an MP to support a debate.  You can find your local MP at You can find more information about how the House of Commons deals with e-petitions on the Backbench Business Committee website at  If you need any more information, you can contact us at Thanks, HM Government e-petitions

Please help us now.

It’s desperately important that we show the government the strength we have if we work together. Pat’s Petition has brought together a group of independent disability organisations, academics and charities to carry out our own Cumulative Impact Assessment for disability – CIA-D. While we continue to press the government to carry out their own assessment of the changes, we are starting to gather evidence ourselves. It is still at an early stage but we hope to collect information for campaigners and journalists to show the cumulative impact of all these changes.

In the meantime please go out and get the signatures for Pat’s Petition.

All for one and one for all.

Together we can do this.

sign here


Please remember to watch 2 programmes this Monday evening. Panorama and Dispatches are both covering sickness and disability procedures.

Details can be found here  


This isn’t a dress rehearsal. This is reality

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

With the help of caring GP’s and some excellent medical services I have managed to care for David for nigh on 20 years. As his spine continues to degenerate he needs more help, support and treatments. The injuries he sustained are now compounded by the additional disintegration of his shoulder and hip. Further complications of memory loss caused by many years of strong opiate based prescription drugs make life very hard for him.

He has many other related conditions – some minor, others more invasive. His package comes untidily wrapped with chronic pain ribbons and reactive depression bows.

The calendar is filled with hospital appointments; follow ups with his GP and little crosses to remind him to change his morphine patches. His drugs, which started in a biscuit tin, now take up 4 shelves in the kitchen cupboard, with an overflow to his bathroom and bedside locker.

A gentle man who can be reduced to a screaming wreck when the pain becomes so unbearable not even the morphine works. A screaming wreck hurling obscenities at me whilst banging his head to make the pain stop. A screaming wreck who is my gentle husband, and I can do nothing for.

I am told I am valued by society. I am told there is help for me to deal with being a carer. Oh really? Let’s start with social works. They can’t visit, as they are 3 social workers short. They only have 4. Earliest appointment is 3 weeks away but they may be able to squeeze me in before that. They manage a squeeze – likely at some other’s cancellation – and I am assessed. The assessment joins the previous one with the same words written on them. ‘No services available.’

This isn’t a dress rehearsal. This is reality. Who do we turn to? We keep being told; ‘vulnerable people’ will be supported. No they won’t – they aren’t. No one is.

Ignore them while their conditions deteriorate which then needs costly treatment. Help them before they become unable to function with some normality. Hasn’t it always been ‘prevention is better than cure?’

Maybe, but not any more. Welfare Reform has slashed Services at local level. Benefits cut to disabled people across the country. No longer any services provided and you don’t have any of your disability allowances to look elsewhere. Doctor – help me. What can they do? Nothing without that fall back safety net of care. Suddenly more and more people are admitted to hospital. No beds – no resources. If you do manage a bed you will get no care on discharge. Back on the merry go round again.

No government would completely abandon those in real need would they?

You’d better believe it – they would, and they do.

Sign my petition  and share,  asking your family, friends and contacts to do the same. It asks the government to –

Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families

Pat x

Opposition Day June 20th – Disability Benefits and Social Care

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Last weekend we posted our thoughts on the upcoming Opposition Day debate on Disability benefits and social care. We feel very strongly that the debate needs to go beyond those two simple labels. It must look at the full impact of all changes affecting disabled people and carers.

We have repeatedly used ‘Perfect Storm’ to describe how changes, of this magnitude, can NOT be implemented without a Cumulative Impact Assessment.

We have now seen the statement on Liam Byrne’s web site  and look what it includes:

 ‘calls on the Government to …. conduct a full impact assessment of the combined effect of benefit and social care cuts on disabled people and carers.’

Can the tireless campaign work – readily done by so many individuals and groups – really be starting to show results?  Could Labour actually be listening at last?

Over 38,300 people have raised their voice on Pats Petition.

Keep signing the Petition – share it and get your friends to sign – let’s make those numbers rise today – let’s show them we are still watching.

Please do whatever you can to make sure all politicians hear what we want, what needs to be changed, and that they understand the implications of going ahead with these changes without conducting a full impact assessment.

You can watch the debate after Prime Ministers Question Time here

Participate in discussions on both Twitter and Facebook.

We will be using the hashtag   #OD