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Opposition to Benefit Reform Kept Hidden by the Government

Monday, January 9th, 2012

The authors of a new report, Responsible Reform, published today have studied the submissions to the DLA consultation and reveal evidence that the consultation for DLA did not meet the Government’s own Code of Practice. They also reveal that only 7% of the respondents to the consultation, supported it fully. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, produced one of over 450 responses, detailing objections to the proposed changes. Yet the government didn’t publish the submissions and went ahead any way.

You can find full details on Sue Marshs’ blog here  and Kaliya Franklins blog plus Guardian article here 

Pat Onions of Pat’s Petition  supports this report and says –

“there has been a wall of silence from all the political parties over the way disabled people, those with ill health and their carers, are being treated. I am delighted that Boris has had the courage to break with the others and stand up and speak up.”

She continued

“Community groups have been suspicious of consultations for years. We have always had a gut reaction that they make their minds up before these consultations. This report shows we were right.”

Pat described her worry that there are further threats to disabled people and carers,

“All the cuts and changes coming together have made a perfect storm. Disability Living Allowance is one part of this and the report authors are quite right to ask for a pause, to think it out properly, before visiting it on vulnerable people. This is exactly what is asked for in my petition”

Please sign petition here and ask as many

family, friends, contacts, groups/charities to

do the same .

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