Wednesday 10th July 2013 was a great day for Pat’s Petition.  After a year of working to get over 62,700 signatures we finally had our debate  in the House of Commons.

Two of our team travelled from Scotland and the North East to watch the debate live from the gallery. Pat is blind, and Rosemary is a family carer, but they made it.

On arrival at Kings Cross they met with Rick and Jane from WOW petition, ( please sign and share as widely as possible), and then all made their way to Westminster. There they met with more campaigners, Ian, Andy and Adam.

Following a short chat it was time to gain admission to the debate. Jim Hood MP, who had secured the tickets to enable Pat and Rosemary entrance to watch/listen to the debate live arrived, and pointed out that HoC business was running late. This caused all previous plans about meeting up with other campaigners afterwards to be changed.

Following section from Pat and Rosemary.

Having to hand over phones meant we were unable to keep supporters informed as to how the debate was going but we knew many many people were watching the event on parliament tv, and engaging with each other via social media. We were later informed the hashtag #CiaDisability had trended for over 2 hours, peaking at UK trend no 3.

The MPs who spoke in favour of our petition could not have done more to support us.  Coalition ministers that spoke were unable to name an individual, academic, grassroots group, a charity – that agreed fully with their policies. Instead many names were reeled off that were against these reforms/cuts. Facts and figures were given, and yet from governments front bench there appeared to be an attitide of boredom,  and total disregard for the situation many disabled people now found themselves to be in. They showed no interest in what opposition members were saying and at times their bodies were partly turned, away from whomever was speaking at that time. This was more noticeable when Tom Greatrex MP was speaking.

As the debate progressed you can imagine our horror when Mr Maynard, MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, suddenly made an impassioned speech calling us ‘extremists’, and saying that we didn’t represent disabled people. We will be taking this further.

Me, Liam Byrne Pat

In between the votes, we met with Liam Byrne, and issues concerning both disabled people and carers were discussed. It was agreed how evidence is going to be more vital in future, for people to also contact their MPs and explain how the cuts are impacting on them. More importantly, our campaigning continues.

The vote on the motion itself was lost… Ayes 227, Noes 296 – but the day itself was not.

These last few years with cuts raining down – the whole solid brick wall against us – Labour and Tory both supporting the cuts and the charities having to fit in somehow, was beyond belief.


Now the consensus is broken there will be far more open debate and we may start to get somewhere.

Independent campaigners from many groups  took the lead in breaking down this wall. This experience has shown all of us that grassroots campaigners are essential to the political process.

We need to stay vigilant

We need to keep fighting

We need to ensure any promises turn in to real action.

 Well done every one.

But the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet.


  1. Yes very we’ll done all my own journey has hit home just what a ridiculous system it all is I cannot believe honest people with all medical evidence are treated as I have been I do not believe there is fairness or transparency and I for one have felt that I committed a crime but yes for sure all must continue to question

  2. In the last two years I have undergone four medical examinations at the behest of the DWP and after each one I have been declared disabled at the higher rate of disability (for benefit purposes). I have now been told by the DWP that I will be classed as disabled until I declare a change (never). With all this news one might hope that I would be allowed to have benefits to care for me and have them topped up so that I can provide for my 9 year old daughter and wife (my full time carer). Hell no! so far I have had my benefits reduced by £215 per month and I fear more is to come. I also have to pay £90 Council Tax, £140 rent a month et al from my reduced income. I don’t want to be a moaning minnie but where is the fairness in this, where is the justice, where is Great Britain? Tell you what, take all my benefits away and I will live on that measely MP’s salary of £65,000 per annum, it will be struggle but heck, anything for the cause!

  3. Well done and many thanks for all your hard work and effort. I too was appalled at Paul Maynard’s disgusting speech. If Duncan Smith thinks Maynard speaks for a large number of disabled people then he should think again. As a tactic it was pretty underhand and will backfire big time. I’m glad you’re doing something about this. You’ve got my full support.



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