Do you receive Disability Living Allowance?

The Broken of Britain  is putting together a submission to the Public Consultation, with the support of our sister organisation Carer Watch , on DLA reform, closing on the 14th of February. The draft submission will be launched on TBofB and CW forums this Friday, 7th of January. It will remain open for discussion, criticism, editing and general tearing-apart until the 7th of February, giving a week for it to be edited before being sent off. Because TBofB and CW are user-led, we want everyone who logs into our forum to have their own say and advance their own arguments because this grassroots solidarity can only make us stronger.

For now, some tidying up is being carried out to make sure that the document is presentable and sensible. What is missing from the submission is proper user testimonies. I’d like to appeal to all readers for testimonies, which will, of course, remain anonymous in the end-document. We need:                   

  • A paragraph long testimony from DLA claimants who are enabled to work because of DLA
  • A paragraph from a claimant who is chronically ill and will not ‘get better’ about why re-testing every few years is a waste of their time
  • A paragraph about why you think DLA is fit for purpose
  • A paragraph explaining why three rates of Care component is easier to understand than two (i.e. if you have medium care needs, how do you choose?)
  • Why renaming the benefit PIP will not change your life
  • A paragraph about the barriers to life that you face because of disability or illness?
  • A paragraph on ‘[things] about DLA that should stay the same’.
  • A paragraph on the main extra costs you face due to disability or illness.
  • A paragraph about what would happen to you if you went down  from Middle to Lower rate of Care (losing up to £29.85 a week).
  • A paragraph about the broad range of specific activities that you consider essential to your life.
  • A paragraph on how DWP can appropriately take account of variable and fluctuating conditions when
Very importantly, we also need input from carers explaining how DLA affects them, including as a passport to CA. A paragraph should be 300 words at most, but use your own judgment. Choose what topics you want to write on – all the topics listed or just one, depending on time, energy and spoons – and get cracking!
To submit your input, e-mail me at: