Pat’s Petition –

With thanks to @Epipsychidion86

Welcome Hello, and welcome to the Support Page for tomorrow’s  ‘Pat’s Petition’ campaign: to get the #patspetition hashtag trending on twitter on the final day before it ends!

Firstly, I should apologise that this site is a bit rubbish at the moment – it’s been a long day, but for now all we need to be aware of is the strategy for tomorrow – I’ll update this with more details and shiny design a little later tonight. Firstly, a campaign page has been set up at: It’s not ready yet (as I’m waiting for permission to use some material), but it should be up by tomorrow morning, if not later tonight. This will hopefully be another link to tweet to, as well as Pat’s Petition itself, in order to give members of the public more of a complete idea why we’re campaigning, and why signing Pat’s Petition is a worthwhile thing to do.

Read full details here