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We regret that benefits will increase in line with Consumer Price Index rather than Retail Price Index as a measure of inflation. The different could mean about £130p/a to each carer by 2015. Carers and disabled people need more not less financial support.

Furthermore, we would like to see greater support to help carers and disabled people work, rather than simply being subject to more testing about their capability which can often be wrongly assessed causing undue stress.

We understand the financial pressures on Government, but public funding cuts must not be aimed at carers and families, who are emblematic of the Big Society they hope to foster. Research shows that cutting support for carers will very quickly cost more money than is saved. Carers who do not receive support are more likely to suffer physical and mental breakdowns. When this happens, the original patient requires emergency hospital admission or expensive residential care and the carer becomes a patient as well – meaning costs spiral.

Carole Cochrane
Chief Executive Officer

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  1. I would like to know how those at the top would cope being a carer and at the sharp end of the poverty line whilst prices go up, if you do not drive you receive no help towards public transport for someone who has had a stroke and is housebound and depends on you.

    Due to circurcumstances I cannot work as I am a full-time carer and can only do 15 hours voluntary work. Yet the debts keep pilling up. Sometimes you dread getting up in the morning. Apart from a good GP, social services are rubbish, our carers centre has limited resources. I am sick of fighting bureaucracy. I could do a better job myself and for less money. When are we going to be paid the going rate for the job ie the minimum wage of £5.93. Make those who refuse to work, work for a short time in the carer profession that will soon change their tune. As for those at the top make them pay their whack and bankers to pay back all we have bailed them out and stop hastling those who cannot pay throug no fault of their own.


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