This is an unacceptable abuse of power


The government are accused of taking money and services from disabled people and carers, without any attempt to measure the cumulative impact of what they are doing. They do not deny that this. Apparently they think their duty of care does not extend to knowing what they are doing to disabled people.

Last night in the House of Lords there was a Motion of Regret moved by Lord Alton of Liverpool, with much discussion  following.

That this House regrets that the Social Security (Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance and Carer’s Allowance) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, laid before the House on 4 March, will result in the loss of Motability provision for many disabled people; and that this House considers that transitional arrangements should be put in place urgently. (SI 2013/389

In his closing remarks Lord Alton stated –

House of Lords : 24 Jun 2013 : Hansard Column 599

I repeat what I said in our deliberations earlier this year. It is our duty to understand the impact of the decisions we make. The Minister has just said that we cannot reliably estimate the impact; we do not know. That is not a good position for us to be in. Decisions will affect the mobility and independence of people with disabilities. The noble Baroness, Lady Hollis, put it very well when she said that you turn a person from being independent to being dependent when you take such decisions

The economic crisis shows no sign of coming to an end. The Government and the Opposition remain determined to carry on with Welfare Reform and cut the Welfare Budget.

They haven’t predicted or measured the damage that they are inflicting on disabled people and carers. It is one big unquantified social experiment on vulnerable people who have nowhere else to turn. So we have no choice. We have to carry on fighting and asking the government to measure what it is doing.

The WOW petition is following on from Pat’s Petition and after that – we will do whatever it takes.


The government cannot carry on

taking from people

who have so little,

Government are refusing to take responsibility

and record what they are doing.

This is an unacceptable abuse of power




  1. This needs to be stopped………….and so does the Government, they are NOT saving money, they are putting peoples lives at risk by continuing with these cuts.

    TO THE LEFT OF LABOUR…….as they cannot be trusted either……!!!!

  2. Absolutely right! This government should face up to the reality of what they have done, and are doing, by their cruel, sadistic actions. I cannot understand how they can just close their eyes and ears to all that is being said, petitioned and written in regard to the immense suffering they are causing.

  3. Ok I had bid on a small 1 bed bungalow I made arrangements to view I then received a letter this morning stateing its a bedsit hospital stated I needed carer bedroom in 2011 I have been subject to severe anti social behaviour police say council should act sheltar offering refuge yet again I’m plunged into turmoil to take this my support will be lost appalling

  4. Our government want us all dead, and that pig Ian Duncan smith is a murderer, we have no protection from them, there will be more deaths and misery.

  5. Perhaps the tide is starting to turn. The Union’s are taking action and some disability groups like DPAC and Black Triangle, are taking direct action too.
    More and more disabled people and being jettisoned by the government but we are not fully organised enough to march on Westminster (not yet anyway). They have taken so much away from us and we seem to be blamed for the financial situation.
    Until this government invests in jobs, in industry and people they will never get the economy to recover. People are put out of work, they claim benefits and pay no tax. This can only change when Britain gets working again, but Cameron and Co do not seem to understand that.
    These are the same people who use the right wing press to vilify us with things like skivers, work shy, scroungers etc. Something we are most certainly not.
    This government are beyond contempt, let us make sure the next one will not be.

  6. So very grateful for all who support me on what has been termed abuse cruelty and discrimination they can’t do anymore to me than already done I have been kept as tho I committed a crime I have all my paperwork only one I don’t have is 6 months left of life as a disabled I signed up to judiciary 146 jobs for disabled to sit on dla to pip panel I did this because when its my turn I want somebody on that panel same as me so full understanding wrong I couldn’t do it why because my local authority have chosen to keep me to endure anti social behaviour to the point sheltar offering me refuge police shouting enough council should act they aren’t so in summing up the whole lot a joke as I said to my mp when this is over I want you to ensure never again does my situation happen and another endure what I have all my life effected down to restricted air space so all who endure be strong be as well as you can and continue to state your case with fact and honesty I still believe 5 years on I will be heard as my medics say why you have you evidence and have had all the time



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