Received from We are Spartacus

Disabled and sick people are being hit by a huge range of cuts and changes to benefits – be they general or disability-specific, means-tested or universal – as well as tightening eligibility criteria and increased charges for social care support. Whilst the poorest are undoubtedly suffering the most, almost every disabled or sick person in the UK, and their family, is affected by the cuts and changes.

The Coalition Government is moving all the goalposts; secure support we’ve come to rely on, that we were told would be there as long as we need it, has been thrown into doubt.  And not content with these cuts and policy changes, the Government stands by whilst the media portrays us as malingerers and scroungers, misinforming the British public and ensuring support for its abandonment of disabled and sick people.

If the Labour Party truly believes disabled and sick people should be supported to live independent lives, it needs to nail its colours to the mast and shout it from the rooftops. We don’t have anyone else to fight for us against this Government’s policies; please don’t let us down.

Jane Young