We need a Cumulative Impact Assessment. How many warnings will the government ignore?


How many people have to emphasise the need for a cumulative impact assessment of the changes impacting on disabled people and carers?

As well as all the signatories to Pat’s Petition, the Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Hardest Hit, and Demos –  Anne Begg MP has now asked Esther McVey, (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions),

“will she consider a cumulative impact assessment of all the benefits affecting disabled people?”

describing the lack of an assessment as ‘inexcusable’.

Disabled people know themselves of the impact on their lives of all these changes at once.

How many warnings can the government ignore before this perfect storm becomes a disaster of epic proportions?

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Time is running out. We have 4 days left


JCHR link

ECHR link

Hardest hit – The Tipping Point


Working-Age Disabled People  25th October Westminster Hall  – Hansard here  2 pages



  1. TORY MOTTO: We don’t care / You don’t matter.

    This has been circulating around Facebook for weeks now.

  2. I am appalled by some of the things this govt has done. I am grateful that the LibDems are in there. It would be even worse if it was purely Tory.


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